All Tomorrow’s Parties (ATP) – DVD Review

I wanna go to a rock show! I wanna hear some hip-hop! I wanna dance with the hippies! I wanna get floated at a punk show! I wanna hear some down home blues! I wanna …

This is exactly how you’ll feel while watching All Tomorrow’s Parties (ATP), a legit  DVD compiled by fans, musicians and filmmakers encompassing 10 years of the famed music festival ATP. To many it’s the most realest and rawest music festival you can ever attend. No corporate sponsors, no band hierarchy, no money-grubbin’ fat cats–just a bunch of people getting together for the love of music.

Bell and Sebastian started ATP up as a small summer camp style music festival back in 1999 originally called The Bowlie Weekender (yeah, after bowl cuts). Now it’s grown to be one of the most respected gatherings of music in the world. It’s funny watching the beginning of the DVD where they ask fans who would they like to see if they were to curate a band, two people said they would love to curate a Faith No More or Pavement reunion. Ironically enough, both bands are playing shows in 2010! Perhaps they’ll make an ATP appearance?

Watching ATP really makes you wanna get out there and hear some fuckin’ music! And it’s not even like the footage shown is primo cut. Some of it it is very amateur  and some look very pro, but through it all you get the feeling that you’re actually there. Watching Iggy Pop get wild on the stage gave me goose-bumps while Animal Collective made me wanna pop some pills and dance the night away. Not to mention they have footage of my idol Patti Smith rippin’ it up on stage singing the rarely performed, “Rock N Roll Ni**er.” ATP is a very real and personal experience where fans and musicians alike meld together as one. The fans become a part of the show and musicians become the fans.

After watching ATP, not only is it on my festival calendar for 2010, but I am so fuckin’ amped for festival season to start. There’s just something so great and exhilarating when you experience music for days on end with a bunch of people all there for the same reason.

Watch it on a big screen and turn up the volume! Get it here!

Words: Sandy B.


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