Laura Veirs at Spaceland – Show Review, Photos and Video

There’s a lot of lovely pregnant performers floating around LA venues of the late. It seems to be a glowing epidemic. Last Friday we saw The Bird and The Bee’s Inara George radiating across the stage with her preggo belly and now we have the alt-folk artist, Laura Veirs taking the stage with her cute lil pregnant belly too! Veirs played an awesome set this past Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at Spaceland. From guitar to banjo, she switched her instrumentation up with an inviting sound. Veirs’ vocals are sweet and gentle like most folk artists but they carry this enticing edge that sets her apart. Paired with the classic and at times experimental instrumentation, Veirs puts on a show that was candy to our ears.

Check out the live video of her songs  “Judy Flame” and “I Can See Your Tracks” , and the vibrant photos below!

Words:  Sandy B.

Photos and Video: Craig Parker



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