Some band names are clever, some are straight-up stupid and some are just fucking nasty! Check out our list of the Top 10 Grossest Band Names! Know of any other gross band names? Leave us a comment and add to the list!

  1. Ass Covered in Cum (Tallahassee, Fl) – Dang! These kids get mega props for having the balls to rock such a name. With monikers such as Ryan Butt Cum and Kathryn Bukkake, them kids just don’t give a fuck. I like.
  2. Fuck-Ass and the Greese Patrol (LA) – Think their band name is weird? Check out their tunes. The shit’s equally weird but also pretty cool. “Full of bower and ultra angst,these hot young kids come at you with the force of a big fat ass hamburger eating pile of reconstituted Tiger-Man shit droppings!”
  3. Fartbarf (LA) – Gross! Isn’t that like another term for shatting or a wet fart? These guys can definitely blow out some electro beats sure to make you bust out the robot.
  4. Anal Cunt (Massachusetts) – Um, no thanks. Their crappy grindcore, hardcore, whatever—gives me a lamecore headache. They have some funny song titles though.
  5. AIDS Wolf (Quebec) – Damn Canadians. Always bringing their STDs our way. Be sure to wear protection when you listen to their crazy experimental thrash rock, the shit’s pretty infectious in a weird way. I like.
  6. Pissing Razors (El Paso, TX) – Ouch! If you ever feel like you’re pissing razors, please go see a doctor. The band’s name originated from their original lead vocalist who contracted a case of gonorrhea from a whorehouse in Juarez, Mexico. He was quoted as claiming it felt like he was “pissing razors.” Dirty metal heads.
  7. Fudge Tunnel (Nottingham, UK) – Um, exit only please! Fudge Tunnel’s reputation was built around their massive guitar sound and ironic sense of humor, which did not always endear them to the music press. Works for me!
  8. The Pooh Sticks (Swansea, Wales, UK) – Make sure the booty’s clean before going through the backdoor. Or else you’ll get a case of the poopy stick! Aside from coming from a town riddled with a heroin epidemic, The Pooh Sticks rock that awesome old school power-pop. Dig!
  9. Lungbutter (LA) – These guys should play the soundtrack for a Mucinex commercial. Regardless of their nasty “lungbutter” that makes me want to vomit at the idea of the name, they can cough out some pretty cool tunes.
  10. Goatwhore (New Orleans) – Seriously? Why do all the metal bands have to have the gross band names? Four of them on this list! These guys are pretty kick-ass though. But give me the heebeegeebees ….