“Born and Thrown on a Hook” by Drink Up Buttercup – Album Review

As I look back at the high hopes I had for our SXSW coverage, I grow more annoyed about the lame photographer I had on my hands who rather shoot photos of “popular” bands and even mainstream bands (Snoop Dogg) as opposed to following direction with my priority top picks. Unfortunately, Philly’s hot indie quartet, Drink Up Buttercup were one of the bands on my “priority SXSW list” that I never received any coverage for. Too bad I had a lazy photog on my hands that didn’t get any shots of this kick-ass band.

Photo: Maryanne Ventrice

With their debut album “Born and Thrown on a Hook” released on Tuesday March 23, 2010 via Yep Roc Records, this lil goodie just might be one of my favorite debut albums of 2010. It’s truly a fun listen with a little something for everyone.

The album sets an eclectic tone with its opening track “Seasickness Pill.” It has a creepy vaudeville flavor that flows into a 56 second intermission of weirdness titled “Animate the Hangtime.” As you chill to the unique sounds, the next song “Young Ladies” bounces with a fun Beatlesesque harmony.

The album then takes you on another playful turn with “Doggy Head,” a song that might play well with the hippies. I can see them now dancing around in circles as they hold hands or worse yet, bump you with their damn hula-hoops. A very cool song nonetheless with its organic orchestrations and flowing vocals ― the song just moves through you. But with all the grimy rock ‘n roll in my heart, I favor “Heavy Hand.” This song is just straight up dope! Riding with sexy bass lines, dirty howls and creepy organs the song ascends and descends with a 60s harmonic madness. But don’t stay to fixed on the rock vibe, Drink Up Buttercup plays with your head with the silly “Sosey Dosey.” This shit is either a throwback to a nursery school rhyme or a song meant for you to kick-back and relax to as you pop a tab of acid.

If you like a little madness in your life you’ll dig Drink Up Buttercup’s debut album “Born and Thrown on a Hook.” It has fresh spastic sound that you definitely won’t get bored of. I think I hear something new each time I take this record for a spin.

Words: Sandy B.

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