Pepper Rabbit at The Echo – Show Review and Photo Gallery

Silverlake’s up-and-coming experimental pop duo, Pepper Rabbit played a mesmerizing show at the Echo this past April 14, 2010. With a sweet medley of enchanting instruments from woodwinds to various guitars and keys, Pepper Rabbit creates a luscious sound that you just can’t help but feel warm and tingly when listening to. The boys remind me a bit of Grizzly Bear with a splash of Animal Collective, yet still exude their own unique sound that has the ability to transcend into various genres. At times you may hear a country hillbilly undertone such as in “Snowalker,” while other songs may trap you in a bubble of extraterrestrial waves of sound as heard in the lovely “Red Wine.”

Hands down, Pepper Rabbit are an aural pleasure. I highly recommend you check these guys out as I’m sure they’ll blow up sometime in the near future.

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Craig Parker

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