Contest: Win Tickets to Kaki King at El Rey Theatre 5/22


We caught the very cool singer/songwriter, guitarist extraordinaire, Kaki King last summer at Wanderlust and thought she was the absolute shit. The girl is pretty damn awesome (and super hot). Touring in support of her new album, “Junior” we have some FREE concert tickets to her El Rey Theatre show to give-away! Kaki King will play at the El Rey Theatre on Saturday, May 22 with supporting band An Horse.

Here’s How You Win Tickets!

First, make sure you’re following us on Twitter ( (if you have a Twitter) and then just shoot us an email telling us why we should hook you up with these tickets. The person with the most creative, witty, funny or sorry-ass answer, WINS! Be sure to include your full name and Twitter handle (if you have one). Email your response here!

Contest closes at noon on Friday, May 21st at noon!

2 thoughts on “Contest: Win Tickets to Kaki King at El Rey Theatre 5/22

  1. winkedinkie

    The link for emailing you is not available so I’ll leave a reply here.

    Hook *me* up because I had such a hard time “coming out” a few years ago but after listening to Kaki’s song ‘You Don’t Have To Be Afraid’…it has allowed me to accept me for who I am as a person and live happily [because I deserve it] regardless of what others will think or say. It was a life changing experience when that song and I connected, which of course I wouldn’t expect anyone to understand but try to understand how much of an impact a song can make on one’s life. I’m sure you’ve got one that changed your life, am I right? Or one that was so meaningful to you? I am so grateful for her for writing that piece and I want to thank her parent’s for bringing her into this world!

    Anyways, I’ve been to five of her shows and counting [] and she’s got An Horse opening during this leg of her tour supporting her latest release ‘Junior’. What a treat! I’m looking forward to accents, banters, Ericka yelling in the background, a dance party, and just a hell of a good time this Saturday. Haven’t been to any of her shows? Dude, she’s going to blow your mind. You know how people always say, “you had to be there”? Well, all of her performances are those “had to be there” moments so bring your friends!

    I’m crossing my fingers I win [so PICK ME!] but weather I win these tickets or not, I’ll see you at the show regardless. Cheers.

    Windy (@winkedinkie)

    P.S Follow @kakiking and @thekakifamily on Twitter!

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  2. stacey

    hey sandy,

    pleeeeease hook me up with tickets.

    kaki king’s new hair is hot. along with her new album. i am a sucker who love girls who love girls. and kaki king + kate copper from an horse is definitely going to be ladies’ night for ladies.. it’ll be like a Tegan and Sara concert without Tegan and Sara.


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