I really would like to know what that intoxicating sound at the beginning of “Glass Windows,” the opening track on the album “Sinister Devices” by Viernes is. It’s some sort of electronic drum sound thingy, and I want to play one.   This album is soaking in all kinds of electronic textures and sounds layered with angelic soft harmonies. All the songs on this album feel very magical like living in a land of fairies, unicorns and other unbelievable things. Seriously, listen to the instrumental song “Enhanced Pendulum Channel” and you will feel that way (I am sure of it).  “Sinister Devices” is  the type of album you put on when you want to make love, not just have sex. Yeah, I said it. You all know we pick the type of music according to that.

The Florida duo’s name comes from spending every Friday in their homemade studio crafting their dreamscape sounds that make up their debut album.  Sean Moore and Alberto Hernandez used what musical devices were made available to them including an old Wurlitzer piano and Puerto Rican cuatro which is a smaller guitar, to create this work.   I do really like the creative track names like “Ancient Amazon/New Fashion,” “Glacial Change of Pace,” and “Liquid Tunnel.” The track “Faulty Investments” is all over the place and makes me think of a montage at a haunted carnival.

Although the 12 tracks on this album are impressive and beautiful I find it a tad boring. However, that doesn’t mean you will. Crazy as it sounds, I feel as though a drug induced trance while lying on the floor staring at a ceiling full of glow in the dark stars would probably make me have a bonding experience with “Sinister Devices.” Hmmm… maybe I will do a little experiment and write another review after it and compare the difference.  Anyone want to join me?

Viernes has a few few upcoming album release dates in NYC and Florida.

Words: by Roxanne Hilburn

Artist: Viernes
Album: “Sinister Devices”
Label: Kanine Records
Release Date: June 8, 2010

Dowload and listen to a free track below:

Viernes Tour Dates


  • June 10- The Social  – Orlando
  • June 19- Crowbar – Tampa

New York

  • June 24 – Union Hall
  • June 25  – Cameo Gallery
  • June 26 – Coop 98 (Mexican Summer instore)