PacSun’s Beach Ballyhoo Photos & Review (Day One, Saturday June 19, 2010)

A hot selection of live performances, gorgeous So Cal weather and a majestic backdrop of the Pacific Ocean in none other than the famed Santa Monica beach, PacSun put on an exciting beachside event this past weekend, June 19 – 20, 2010. In celebration of the summer solstice, PacSun’s Beach Ballyhoo featured some of today’s hottest indie acts: Minus The Bear, Ra Ra Riot, Circa Survive, Matt & Kim and many more!

Anthony Green of Circa Survive

The event was free to all attendees who RSVP’d and picked up their tickets at various PacSun locations. Not only did these kids get to bask under the sun in perfect temps of 75 degree weather, they got to see some kick-ass performances and walked away with a whole lot of FREE swag from leading action sports companies such as Vans, Hurley, Volcom, Quicksilver and many more famous brands. With Tony Hawk and other featured pro-riders (Lincoln Ueda, Neal Hendrix, Sergie Ventura, Jessie Fritsch, etc.) tearing up the vert ramp, the first day of PacSun’s Beach Ballyhoo went in with a bang!


My only complaint was in the VIP/backstage areas where they totally ran out of Wahoo’s at about 4:30pm leaving us zombies arriving with empty bellies very grumpy and hungry (thanks Bruno’s Pizza for hooking it up). On the bright side, the bar was flowing deep with all-you-can-drink complimentary Kettle One and Red Bulls, Bud Lights, Vitamin Water sand a few other crisp refreshers. Although they could have used a few more bartenders to expedite the long waits, FREE alcohol always taste better! Thanks PacSun!

And might I add, the scene in the VIP/backstage area was hilarious. It was like young scenester Hollywood came out to play on the beach but forgot to change out of their night gear and into some sunny beach attire. Boy and girls were clad in heels, boots, a lot of black, heavy gaudy jewelry, gelled up/sprayed up hair, make-up galore caked to the nines and all other typical stylings of today’s homogenized pop culture. It was like a walking advertisement for Forever 21 and Hot Topic! Regardless, I loved the people watching, it kept us thoroughly amused.

With Ra Ra Riot and Minus The Bear definitely putting on some stellar sets, Circa Survive was absolutely amazing! I haven’t seen these guys for a good five years and was glad to witness their high energy, raw and real rock show! Talk about progression … from the buzzing guitars to Anthony Green’s captivating vocals and enticing stage presence; they made an epic return in my book. And by the way, my-oh-my Anthony Green, you’re all growed up and looking sexier than ever with your newfound Iggy Pop-like body movements and your hot bod. The ladies (and some boys) were swooning! Touché!

Check out the awesome photos of day one at PacSun’s Beach Ballyhoo featuring: AWOLNATION, Bad Rabbits, As Tall As Lions, YelaWolf, Ra Ra Riot, Minus the Bear and Circa Survive below! Stay tuned for shots from day two!

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Ivette Orenos

Circa Survive

Minus The Bear

Ra Ra Riot

As Tall As Lions

Bad Rabbits



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7 thoughts on “PacSun’s Beach Ballyhoo Photos & Review (Day One, Saturday June 19, 2010)

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  5. Danni

    OMG! this was so much fun! I hope they do
    it again. Thanks for all the photos! Especially Anthony Green! So HOT!!!

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  7. drewtheyours

    Yes indeed on the people watching…haha…Circa Survive was amazing. Cool how they went into that lil blues type improv jam diddy while dealing w tech difficulties. I had a blast, as the weather was perfect and good friends came out to play! Great review and great photos!

    Thanks Grimy!

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