Hot Band Alert: Infantree (Free Album Download)

There’s a cool indie gem stowed away in the valley just waiting to explode. Back in May we caught a really great band by the name of Infantree open up for the The Besnard Lakes at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Immediately they caught our attention with their eerie psyche folk, that at times can come off very sexy and sultry. The band comprised of four soulful rippers deliver some fresh and unique tunes to the many garage pop soaked iTunes libraries out there. From dreary cow punk, to some cabaret style songs, Infantree is not afraid to experiment with various arrangements of seductive guitaring and lush vocals. Aside from some folk and blues strings the boys play up some daring Spanish guitar that makes their presence all the more alluring. If you want to hear some very cool lyrics that come off like some Western folklore all to the tune of some down home, porch-chillin’ lemonade sippin’ twangalicious blues vibe, I suggest you downlaod Infantree’s 10-track debut album “Tree-P.” They’re offering it up absolutley FREE over at Bandcamp.

Similar to: Carney, Everest, Alberta Cross, Shooter Jennings, The Black Keys

Click here for your FREE download of Infantree’s debut album “Tree-P.”

You can also get their latest EP “Food For Thought” here.

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