There’s not a lot of data out there on the elusive and new industrial outfit called, White Car … Processing – please hold. Still processing – thank you for holding. Ah Yes. White Car presents their EP, “ No Better.”

Processing: The title track “No Better” takes you to a familiar 80s industrial sequence similar to Ministry’s “Everyday is Halloween” track. The vocals are deep and mature which match the steady pulsating tempo and drones.

Processing: Without a doubt, the EP has an 80s industrial feel while using beats and sexy sound patches that are very reminiscent to the Roland 909 synth sound banks from old Roland, Akai, Yamaha modules. White Car’s music is dark, yet exotic and has a sinister appeal that you can’t help but come back for more. The duo hail from the windy city of  Chicago which has an awesome underground industrial/dark electronic music scene. There are a lot of purists in the area which uphold this unique art form of sound.

Who are the creators of White Car “No Better?” Processing – please hold ….

They are Elon Katz and Orion Martin who have released their project under Hippos In Tanks. It’s available in digital or sweet vinyl 12” with the proper art work. Get the goods here.

Robotic Assessment by Walter Burciaga

Artist: White Car
Album: “No Better”
Label: Hippos In Tanks
Release Date: September 21, 2010

White Car “No Better” Tracklist:

1. No Better

2. Spread Spit Slap

3. Reality Beat

4. Feel Hunt