The first time we caught L.A.’s, Superhumanoids live back in May of 2010 at the Smell, we were not only impressed but utterly surprised! Impressed because of their obvious talent and originality, but also surprised considering two of their band members, Cameron Parkins and Sarah Chernoff, are also part of another local L.A. band called The Franks which are the polar opposite in terms of music style. The Franks are a crazy, punk-off-the-wall-garage act, while the Superhumanoids are just absolutely graceful and lovely with vocals that soar like angels. These kids deliver the sweetest of dream-pop flavored with some pulsating electro beats while still keeping an edgy tone. These guys (and lovely gal) have really got it together and 2011 holds a lot of promise for them.

Check out our brief SXSW Q&A with Cameron below:

  • How many SXSWs have you done?
    This will be our first as a band. We have DJed in the past though
  • What’s you favorite and least favorite things about SXSW?
    Favorite thing is with out a doubt the local cuisine – gotta get some queso at Kerbey Lane Cafe. Least favorite is the dehydration.
  • What showcases are you doing this year?
    Cantora Records and Last Gang Records. Click here for full schedule.
  • What bands/performers do you want to see at SXSW?
    James Blake!
  • What word of advice would you give to newbie SXSW’ers?
    Drink Water!
  • SXSW drink of choice?
    Free Lone Star!

Words: Sandra Burciaga