!!! Chk Chk Chk – SXSW Photo Gallery and Review at Mess with Texas Party

Ain’t no party like a CHK CHK CHK party, ’cause a CHK CHK CHK party don’t stop! Although a quote from one of Coolio’s songs (yeah, I know), it seems rather appropriate for CHK CHK CHK. If you’ve seen them live, you know they bust out one of the most exciting live acts full of crowd interaction and joyous madness. Indeed, a CHK CHK CHK party don’t stop! From fans to photogs and more, front man, Nic Offer, had the crowd in the palm of his hands. Firing up a dance frenzy as he pranced around in his token short-shorts and flamboyant poses, Offer went into the crowd not once, but twice. Little did he know that an obsessed gal below would chase him down like a Lioness hungry for prey! This chick tried her best to grab Offer and steel some smooches but Offer “doesn’t kiss on the first date” as he announced to the crowd once he got back on the stage.

God damn, this show was epic. I love reliving the smiles CHK CHK CHK brought to our faces. Check out our photo gallery below of !!! CHK CHK CHK at Mess With Texas party (SXSW).

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Words & photography by Sandra Burciaga

One thought on “!!! Chk Chk Chk – SXSW Photo Gallery and Review at Mess with Texas Party

  1. Michael Senchuk

    They killed earlier in the day at a Brooklyn Vegan party as well, definitely one of my highlights of the week. He came strolling through the crowd a couple of times, I’ve got a shot of him less than two feet from me. Awesome, awesome party band.

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