Mister Heavenly Japan Red Cross Benefit at Longbranch Inn SXSW – Photos & Show Review

What makes SXSW the best music festival in the world, are all the surprise experiences. They should rename it “The, you never know what could happen, music festival.”  If you get a chance to go next year get your favorite band updates sent right to your phone so you don’t miss out on a show that is usually small, intimate, and last minute. The following is an account of one of those experiences.

SXSW 2011 Date: Monday, March 14, 2011

Okay, technically this show was before the music festival officially started on the 16th, but shows go on through out the film and interactive dates as well. So, just as I said before, I found out about this last minute surprise gig a few hours before through the Mister Heavenly facebook alert on my phone.  I don’t know why limited information makes me feel excited, but it does. This little show was my first and so far only Japan Relief show, and possibly the first, but not the only one of SXSW. The cover was a $10 donation at the door, and the location was the historical Longbranch Inn, which is about the size of Silverlake Lounge.  A very intimate personable setting that has a cozy feeling with warm lighting on Austin’s East Side. I stood with two lone star beers in hand absorbing the energy of the show, which felt like watching your friend’s band play in someone’s living room.  It felt fucking great! If you haven’t listened to Mister Heavenly, I highly recommend it. They’re pretty damn good.  The lineup is a compilation of musicians from other creative projects: Honus Honus from the band Man Man on keys/vocals, Joe Plummer from Modest Mouse on drums, touring bassist Michael Cera from the movies and that one bad ass show, “Arrested Development,” and Nicholas Thorburn from Islands on guitar and vocals.  All these guys are good at what they do, sound great, and look hot while doing it.  All good things, right?  The show did reach capacity at about 180 people, and a lot of people donated more than the $10 so this little last minute show with only one band playing made a little over $1800 in a few hours for the Red Cross Japan relief.  Every little bit counts. The band plans on releasing an album this year, but for now you can download two singles of their doom-wop sounds on their label page, Sub Pop. This was my 7th, 8th, or 9th, time going to SXSW it’s all a blur, and I can’t really remember.  I do know I always have a fantastic time.  Hope to see you there next year!

Show Experience and Photos by Roxanne Hilburn

*If you are in Los Angeles and want to help out with the Japan relief effort while getting your live music fix, you can attend this benefit show:

“Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is:  A Benefit for Japan”
Date: April 27th, 2011
Venue: Bootleg Theater
(Lineup is being set this week. Keep posted to the Bootleg calendar and to GrimyGoods for more info.)

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