She Wants Revenge at The Glass House (March 31, 2011) — Photos and Show Review

Seeing She Wants Revenge is always a treat for me. Being a fan of the musical duo of Justin Warfield and Adam “12” Bravin, who hail from Cali’s own San Fernando Valley since their self-titled debut in 2006, I was totally psyched to see them play for the umpteenth time (and what made it even better was that my OG SWR partner in crime BFF was along for the ride). Getting ready to release their third studio effort, Valleyheart, in May, the guys were making their rounds promoting the new album with The Californian, with Coachella being the grand finale.

As an avid music fan and concert fanatic, it was actually my first time at the infamous Glass House in Pomona. I knew it was an intimate venue, which was a plus, but was surprised at just how intimate it was when I got there. As a sold-out show, it got pretty heated inside. I was lucky enough to find room on one of the side risers, so I had a pretty good view of the stage.

The crowd was very diverse, which just depicted the type of fans SWR has. You had a bit of goth peeps, indie rock hipsters, some rockabillys and even some gangster-looking peeps. Being an all ages venue, you had music fans from every age.

Getting there a tad too late to check out the Californian’s, which I was told were “cool” from other fans standing nearby. As soon as Justin and Adam took the stage, a loud, thunderous roar filled the venue. Cheers, claps, chants and everything in between could be heard from the fans. Amazing energy for the guys to start the show!

As always, Justin and Adam put on an amazing show. I can see them over and over again and never get tired of them. Their stage presence is entertaining and sensational since the guys really get into each of their songs. Despite being sick, Justin rocked the mic with every song he sang, while Adam was held it down on keyboards, percussions and synths.

They started out with some of their older stuff to get the crowd going singing their edgy and grimy “These Things,” from their first album and then played that up with “Sister” and “Kiss Me.” All you could see was a wave of people dancing along to one of the group’s most notable joints.

To help get fans excited about the new release SWR also played new jams like “Take The World,” and “Must Be The One,” which they have some cool self-directed videos out now. They played a few others, but as with any band who does shows before the full release of any album, the crowd were a bit iffy on them, but nonetheless, still rocked out.

Going on at 10 p.m., the guys went well past their 11 p.m cut-off time to play five extra songs, which really was the best part of the show! Justin and Adam were totally into it. In fact, Justin was doing his infamous dances on stage to the last songs, implying (as told by Adam) that he was really vibing off the crowd’s hyped-up response to the last songs, which included “Out Of Control,” “Red Flags and Long Nights,” and the best song ever, “Tear You Apart.” Once that song came on the crowd went WILD! The electro, dance-based song had everyone in the place shuffling around.

Like all good things, the concert had ended, with Justin mentioning the band’s appearance at Coachella on the last night for those lucky fans who wanted some more of SWR. Being the cool, chill and friendly guys they are, Justin and Adam even stayed out in the lobby for a while to take pics and meet fans. The night was an overall blast, with She Wants Revenge providing yet another great show in my book of SWR shows. They definitely got everyone excited for their upcoming Valleyheart release, which will hopefully spawn more tours later in the year!

Words and Photos: Kristie Bertucci

Stay tuned for an upcoming video interview with She Wants Revenge! It will be posted on Grimy Goods this week!


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