Akron/Family have got to be one of the best live acts around. These guys put on an outstanding live show full of echoing psychedelic folk and delightful experimentation. Each time we’ve seen them, they’ve totally interacted with the crowd and always incite a hoedown; this performance lived up to their good name! With insanely unique harmonies and an eccentric selection of instruments, Akron/Family can create beautiful music using no more than a creaking chair or the white noise of a television (they did it on their self-titled debut).

Los Angeles was treated to an intimate Akron/Family this past Wednesday, April 16 at the Echo. The band  was touring in support of their awesome new album, Akron/Family II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT. Check out the photos below!

Photography by Monique Hernandez for Grimy Goods