Silver Lake Jubilee Photos – (Saturday, May 21, 2011)

If you were at the Silver Lake Jubilee this past weekend you may have had some crazy, drunken fun times with some of the party people below. Or better yet, you may have caught the live tunes of some of our favorite performances! Let us know! Check out our Silver Lake Jubilee (Day 1) photo gallery below!

Stay tuned for more photos of the Silver Lake Jubilee! We have a lot of good ones! Day two coming up next!

P.S. Was this old dude not the cutest!? He was dancing up a storm at all the stages, especially to Restavrant! Who is he? We wanna hug him!

Photography: Dominoe Farris- Gilbert

Black Flamingos

Kill Sonic

Silver Lake Jubilipsters


Click through the gallery below for more photos!


4 thoughts on “Silver Lake Jubilee Photos – (Saturday, May 21, 2011)

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  3. j

    that old dude is all over late night kcrw parties and dub club at the echo trying to get with young chicks. been seeing him since 2005 and friends and i have been hit on numerous times by him. he can be kinda creepy……

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