Boris with Tera Melos at the El Rey Theatre – Photos & Show Review – Nov. 12, 2011

Hailing from Japan, experimental rock gods, Boris  took the El Rey Theatre by storm on Nov. 12, 2o11. Employing a unique blend of musical genres to create a sound like none other, the band impressed Los Angeles with their calm and cool demeanor, all the while exuding a badass, we-know-we-fucking-slay tone — and slay they did. Melding all the rock goodness that percolates out of drone metal, sludge metal, noise rock, psychedelic rock, ambient and more — Boris came and went with a bang.

With solid guitar and drum poses, the trio not only rips wild riffs and heart-stopping drum beats, but they look damn good doing it. Don’t be fooled by guitarist-vocalist Wata, she looks like a delicate angel but will melt your face off with those slim fingers — calm and collectively or quick and powerfully. Drummer-vocalist Atsuo, is the lively backbone of the trio bringing forth ferocious drums (and stares). And then you have the steeziest of them all, Takeshi — he handles that double-necked bass as though he were born with it, bumping out hard bass lines with style and ease.

Opening up for Boris were Tera Melos. We also shot some photos of them! Check out the photo gallery below of Boris and Tera Melos at the El Rey Theatre.

Photography: Matt Draper



Tera Melos

More photos of both bands below!

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