Dan Deacon with Xbxrx and Juiceboxxx at the Echoplex – Photos & Show Review – Dec. 1, 2011

Kicking off the first show of the Echo’s 10-year anniversary, Dan Deacon put on quite the impressionable dance party with support from Xbxrx and Juiceboxxx last Thursday, Dec. 1. By far, this was one of the most enjoyable and most visually and sonically entertaining shows I had ever attended. Each performance had something crazy and unusual happen, and was visual stimulating. A night to remember for sure!

Dan Deacon was the final and headlining act. To my pleasant surprise he played on the floor of the Echoplex and I was stoked to be right next to him. He played mostly old songs which I was happy about compared to his last performance at FYF, where he played a lot of new stuff — somewhat dubstep which I was not that into. He ended up playing maybe one of his dubstep songs while doing his usual audience participation acts: tag in a dance circle, follow-the-leader and tag in a running marathon through the crowd. Everyone in the place went crazy for Deacon, I couldn’t see one person not dancing. It was amazing.

Xbxrx started out dramatic and ended dramatic with their flamboyant and brightly colored toga-like dresses. The bassist was constantly playing with his beard while the drummer engaged in some sort of leg yogs on the floor. He would then stopp his unusual display of calisthenics to join the audience in the pit. The eccentric lead singer was like a feral dog jumping onto and climbing about the side railings while singing at the same time. It was pretty amusing and impressive. Xbxrx were joined by Dan Deacon on drums for one song and at the same time they brought out some dress-up characters to dance a long with them. They ended the show by building a tower out of their instruments and throwing a symbol straight into it — creative thrash.

Juiceboxxx put on quite the comedic performance — bringing fans on stage, interacting with the audience and even at one point getting into a fight with someone in the crowd — WTF! I still don’t know if it was staged or nor, but it sure did add all the more excitement (no one got hurt). He’s a VERY good entertainer.

Photography & Words: Cassie LaRussa


Dan Deacon







More photos below!

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