Highland Park’s Seasons self-released their new EP entitled, Autumn on January 2, 2012. While previous EPs Spring and Summer were released in their respective seasons, Winter (June 2010) and Autumn (Jan 2012)—well, not so much.  Release date logistics/faux paux aside, Autumn is a damn fine EP—strong, sentimental and perfect for any season.

Opener “Monday Nights” blasts off with heavy handclaps and dreamy keys. But the magic doesn’t stop there. A catchy guitar lead, uptempo disco beat and smooth strings carry the song. Singer, Nik Garcia’s slightly gritty vocals give the song some unexpected edge, dipping into bridges and breakdowns, with subtle synth lines weaving in-and-out for added texture. Like Charlie Sheen, this band is #winning.

“These United States” parlays bountiful percussion and plucky guitar riffs in this Americana tinged indie rock tune that follows. The rugged, almost-a-shout vocals swell eagerly, “What are we waiting for, this life, that we’re living for and I know you want it all, but you can’t ask for more, and I will show you everything will be alright,” rendering this tune a bit of a gut-wrencher.  “You Are” is the bass-boosted psych, fuzz Valentine’s Day lovers mix tape/playlist jam of choice.

“Number of the Beat” immediately clicked in my head like a play off of Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast.”  While they bare no musical resemblance, nor do I know if there was any intention to reference it—like most Iron Maiden songs, this particular track has a superbly epic feel to it. The electro intro/mini breakdown initially threw me for a loop amidst the barrage of cymbal splashes, urgent drum fills, noise guitars and vigorous violin.  Yet somehow it all works and it feels not just epic but cohesive and tight. The song itself best sums up my feelings of what I consider my favorite track on the EP: “This is what I want, this is what I need.” “Lazy Bones” rounds out the EP with a slow drawl, heaviness in the guitar riffs and vocals, eerie synths and strings and a dusty percussive shuffle. This song carries some serious weight on its shoulders.  “Loving ain’t easy, once you’ve found someone to love.” Amen, brother. Exit Autumn, hello Winter.

While the Autumn EP doesn’t feel like Fall to this New England-bred girl, it does feel like lots of musical promise.  Seasons will now fill the hole in my heart where Dusty Rhodes & the River Band once held tight. I’m ready to fall in love again.

Be sure to catch Seasons on Monday nights this month at their Echo residency. They performed their Winter EP on Monday, Jan. 9 and will be performing Spring on Jan. 16, Summer on Jan. 23, and Autumn with a String & Horn Section (aka 12 piece band) on Jan. 30. Experience all the seasons without leaving L.A.















Artist: Seasons
Album/EP: Autumn
Label: Self Released
Release Date: Jan. 2, 2012

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