Peter & The Magician – Memory – Album Review

Whatever French label Kitsune releases is a bonafide hit in my book and Peter & The Magician’s new remix single for “Memory” has been added to my summer good vibes playlist for its amazing electro flavor that comes in five totally addictive flavors (remixes). Comprised of French producer Yusek and Belgian producer The Magician (a former member of Aeroplane), the duo has quite a dance floor sparkly indie-pop hit on their hands.

The original jam starts off with these pulsating synths before some keys march in followed by some heavy bass. Vocals echoing “memories” flow in-and-out of the track while laser-like zaps give it a very nostalgic ’80s-like feel. The vocals are pretty minimal, but it’s their harmonic combination with the catchy beats that get you. And like all great indie pop jams, “Memory” just begs to be remixed — something Kitsune already knows, which is why they provided four alternative renditions.

Included is the “Club Mix”, which is a bit more upbeat with a faster tempo than the original. Vocals are even minimal on this mix, but it’s a great track for your summer BBQs or pool parties. The “Le Crayon” remix slows things down a bit and adds this funky flair that makes you want to snap your fingers in unison to the beat. The tempo isn’t as slow as the original or as fast as the “Club Mix,” making for a happy medium that you can still play when you want to shimmy across the dance floor or in front of your bedroom mirror.

There is also the “NSFW” remix of “Memory” which really extends the intro and has more percussion thrown into the mix, with an overall harder baseline then the rest of the tracks. The “POINDEXTER” remix has this disco-infused vibe to it that gets you into chill mode — perfect for those long drives home from work or for a dinner party.

To the non-electro-indie enthusiasts, all these remixes can sort of sound the same, but to those who love having different takes on a favorite jam — the Kitsune “Memory” remix single from Peter & The Magician is a welcomed five-track EP that will definitely flow well with your indie-licious playlists. Summer banger!

Words: Kristie Bertucci


Artist: Peter & The Magician
Album: Memory
Label: Kitsune
Release Date: July 9, 2012

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