Hot Band Alert: Pokey LaFarge and The South City Three


Celebrating that early Americana with a vibrant mix old-timey sound, Pokey LaFarge and The South City Three embrace all the musical goodness of yesteryear and deliver it in a classic package to captivate the rhythmic ears of today. Sprouting from St. Louis, Missouri — a city rich in the musical culture of blues, jazz and ragtime — Pokey LaFarge blends all of the above and sprinkles in some country blues and western swing. The fine result is a winsome and infectious display of early American roots that even the most stubborn of purists would crack a smile at first listen.

Whether you enjoy the more slow ridden-blues or a soaring number full of string ragtime and swing, Pokey LeFarge appeases your mood with various styles of roots.  Songs such as “Arkansas” and “Daffodil Blues” are lovely numbers to enjoy while you relax. Picture yourself sitting on a stoop, smoking some fresh tobacco out of a half-bent pipe and simply watching the sunset. Conversely, songs like “Drinkin’ Whiskey Tonight” and “Migraines and Heartpains” will make you want to grab a partner, stomp your feet, clap your hands and transport yourself to a barnyard sing-along.

A master at guitar-plucking, Pokey’s voice transcends from a charming croon to a roaring howl that could be heard across the street. Combine his raw talent with the band’s sweet variety of acoustic instruments as the parlor guitar, guitjo, double bass, kazoo, washboard and harmonica, and you receive an endearing idiosyncratic performance that will teleport you to another time.

In the words of Pokey, “It’s not retro music, it’s American music that never died.”

Playing The Echo with The Two Man Gentlemen Band and The Driftwood Singers on Thursday, September 13th!

Tickets are still available here for $8!


Words: Sandra Burciaga

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