Bad Religion

Political, philosophical, intellectual and punk as fuck only begins to crack the realms of thought and attitude that Southern California punk staple, Bad Religion have shaped through their lyrically potent, heavy, guitar-fueled sound over the years. From their humble beginnings in a garage in the Valley back in 1980 to the present day, Bad Religion have created songs giving voice to the angry, spirited, hopeful, and unheard; shedding light on discourse and ideas concerning and questioning how mankind lives, evolves and treats each other.  Their 1982 album release How Could Hell Be Any Worse” spawned socially relevant and contagiously catchy songs, such as “We’re Only Gonna Die” and “Part III;” however, Bad Religion are more than just a punk rock relic of the past.  They have maintained their strong-willed voice and presence, unafraid to confront today’s world, still haunted by human madness. Their new album, True North, comes out on January 22 and tickets for their headlining show at the Echo on Wednesday, Jan. 23 went on sale today (and sold-out in two seconds).  While you get psyched up for a whole new world of Bad Religion thought, take a minute to re-visit that Southern California garage in 1981.

“We’re Only Gonna Die” and “Part III” are pure vintage gold. Check out this classic video of Bad Religion rocking out raw.

“The hate engulfs the world, a million lives are lost, a city slowly burns, a mother holds her dying child, but no one is concerned.” ~ “Part III” by Bad Religion