A couple months ago, during a tipsy evening of wine drinking with friends, we had talked about how boring Instagram was becoming. This led us to share our gripes about lame Instagram users. You might recall our #instashittalk rant via Twitter, where we trolled and called-out a bunch of things that annoyed us on Instagram. We have now compiled all our grimy gripes into one list for your reading pleasure. Take a look at the 5 Things We Hate About Instagram Users!

Instagram Selfies girls   Instagram Selfies girls   Instagram Selfies girls

1. Selfies – There is nothing wrong with posting a shameless selfie here-and-there, however, it’s absolutely annoying when you’re posting a redundant photo of yourself just about everyday. At least get creative and try using a different pose. If you can’t limit your incessant need for public attention, at least make those selfies interesting. Otherwise, is your life really that boring, or are you just super insecure? Try stepping away from your cave and iPhone for once and interact with the real world.

2. Hashtag Whores – The use of hashtags is a great marketing tool for Instagram users that want to drive traffic to whatever they’re promoting; which in most cases is a Website or blog. Even so, going hashtag crazy is pretty pathetic. Use them lightly and keep them relevant. If you’re using a paragraph’s worth of hashtags, you’re a dork. Worse yet, if you’re using a gargantuan amount of hashtags with absolutely nothing to promote such as a brand or Website — you really should find yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend that is willing to give you the attention you shamefully seek. AND, anyone that uses these kinds of hashtags: #20likes, #followback, #picoftheday, #popular, etc., is surely pathetic (especially when it’s on your own selfie that you is always the same angle).

3. Creepers – You know what we’re talking about. The “following” notifications tab where you can troll what photos the people you follow are liking. Although this tab would probably make great use of a social experiment, it also opens the doors to our friends’ creeping habits. Here you can see all the photos your significant other likes. Perhaps she really digs orange-spray-tanned douchebags that look like ‘roided out Ooompa Loompas from Orange County, or maybe he likes creeping on provocative high school girls’ Homecoming photos even though he’s almost 30. Gross.

4. Angles – Why do you girls and boys constantly take photos of yourself that totally misrepresent you? You’re only setting yourself up for failure the day you finally meet that guy or girl you baited via Instadate. Quit repeatedly using angles that make you appear skinny or youthful, try throwing in a ‘normal’ photo of yourself or better yet, a photo with friends. Sure, we all want to look attractive, but not at the cost of making yourself look stupid in the end. Especially if you don’t have one honest photo of yourself! Confidence is the sexiest thing ever, and so are imperfections.

5. Follow / Unfollow – Get da fuck outta here, seriously. Instagram users that repeatedly follow you are either trying to get your attention so you follow them back or they’re just sloppy when trying to implement a particular marketing-follow strategy. Either way, they’re lame. If you’ve followed / unfollowed someone five times already, they probably don’t want to follow you back—DUH. And if your “marketing” strategy to your own personal profile (not even a brand for fuck’s sake) involves you following a bunch of Jr. High kids just so they follow you back and then you delete them to make your follow count look high, get da fuck outta here. Dork.

P.S. Duckface, especially duckface paired with peace sign selfies really need to cease and desist. And guys that constantly try to put their lips (blue steel) are total douches. Only WAAAAAANDA can rock yo’ world with that shit.

Duckface babe  Wanda In living Color Duckface   Duckface and peace sign

What do you hate about Instagram and its users’ habits? Vent away in a comment below.