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Oakland four-piece Wax Idols are back with their sophomore album Discipline & Desire, released on Slumberland Records on March 26, 2013. Moving past the smorgasbord of punk filler off their first record, No Future (Hozac Records), they take the few post-punk highlights from it and run with them. This time around, the writing and recording was boosted by the confluence of all the band members’ input, rather than simply band-leader Hether Fortune’s centralized vision. Discipline & Desire feels like a natural progression forward, exploring a darker, gloomier musical mood but more thoughtful and forthright in presence and atmosphere, rather than strictly attitudinal, and shrouded in punk.

Three Words to Describe Discipline & Desire:  Rainy day desire.

This Album Would Go Well With: Dark, corner booth make-outs. Cold breakfast pizza. A walk around Lake Merritt (Oakland). Blade Runner/Blade Runner Soundtrack.

Favorite Tracks:  

“Stare Back” – From the bold, militaristic drum build up, and “Stare Back” battle cry, this opening track is easily labeled epic, in my book. The playful, musical tensity is highly exciting and the song leaves the listener in a reverie of noise and harmonies. It makes me itch for more.

“When It Happens” – This catchy number will teleport you to the ‘80s (disclaimer: Tardis not included) and you may just want to stay in this post-punk heaven forever because it’s so awesome.  Peep the video here!

“Scent of Love” – This slow gloom rock track ducks and hides in the shadows one second, then bursts with life the next second.  It entrances and mesmerizes me, in the most slick and uncanny way. Oddly reminiscent of how David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve pleaded and lured Susan Sarandon with their wickedly romantic ways, in The Hunger.

Click here to check out our photo gallery of Wax Idols live at the Echoplex (Mar. 31, 2013)!

Album Review: Emily Saex


Wax Idols_Disciple & Desire Album Cover

Artist: Wax Idols
Discipline & Desire
Label: Slumberland Records
Release Date: March 26, 2013

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