When a person goes to a show they plan on being taken away from the world around them. The worries of the past, the stresses of the present, and the anxieties of future are all irrelevant. Concerts provide an opportunity for a person to escape and let the music flow over them like a giant wave crashing over their body. Needless to say it, there has never been a show where I honestly felt that I was not only swept away from the world around me, but the planet Earth entirely.

Man or Astro-man? played the Echo this past Friday and their performance was both out of the ordinary and out of this world. Audacity opened the show by playing loud and fast rock ‘n’ roll. Without spending much time to talk to the audience, Audacity blitzed through their solid set. At the end of the show, Man or Astroman? declared that they “are the worst encore band.” With a performance that took me to outerspace and back, there wasn’t a need for an encore.

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Photography: Ryan Bussard

Man or Astro-Man?


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