Grimy Goods Guest Podcast with Tedd Roman of Indie 103.1 & Space Invaded Radio

Last week I did a very fun, very nontraditional, and very uncensored podcast with Tedd Roman of Indie 103.1 and Space Invaded Radio. We talked all things music, Los Angeles, and Grimy Goods. Here’s a rundown of the things we talked about: grimy goods indie 1031 space invaded podcast

 Rolling Stones! How I got lucky and into the Echoplex show.

Internet trolls and haters …

How the hell did Grimy Goods start out?

My background and roots in music, skateboarding and fashion.

Drunk show adventures … Rolling Stones Vegas. Fuck …

Why the big change with the new Grimy Goods?

Instadate! Instagram is kind of like OK Cupid. #JustSaying

Who are some of my favorite Los Angeles bands ….

I’ve been thrown-up on at two different shows … yep.

Catfishing and online dating.

Grimy Goods featured on KTLA Channel 5 for Coachella.

FYF Fest!

Jubilee Music & Arts Festival!

And, I revealed what Grimy Goods is launching at the Jubilee Music & Arts Festival this June 7 & 8!

You can listen to the podcast below or download it from iTunes here!

~ Sandy

To listen to more podcasts via Tedd Roman and Space Invaded Radio, click here. There’s some great stuff on there; shocking and totally uncensored. We suggest downloading the podcasts with Father John Misty and Palma Violets. Your mouth will drop!

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