I woke up to some great news today in my Facebook inbox. An old high school friend of mine (mind you, I graduated ’98) notified me that she was watching the Morning News of KTLA Channel 5 Los Angeles while up at the butt-crack of dawn to nurse her newborn. To her surprise, she heard the morning anchors talking about Grimy Goods and Coachella. The clip is about 40 seconds long and features our  recent (and hilarious) Coachella post where we highlighted our advice and tips for this year’s music festival. You can watch the video below. I especially like what the male news anchor says at the end of the clip.

“These are important tips, according to the Website Grimy Goods … don’t wear your Tevas that you wanna wear and especially, don’t wear them with socks! And the other thing, hydrate because you know it’s 100 + degrees, pace yourself … by the way there are some other things on the Website that I TOTALLY can not mention.”

Yep. We keep it Grimy.

Thank you Natalie, for sharing this great piece of news with me. If it wasn’t for you and your adorable baby boy, I probably would have never seen this. Cheers!

~ Sandra Burciaga