“I think my entire life has been a WTF was I thinking moment. I think I’ve just learned to stop caring.”

Dominoe Farris-Gilbert designer of Deadbird headpieces

Dominoe Farris-Gilbert

As a strange lookin’ kid that always wore glasses, and even cat ears to the dinner table to match her past Halloween leopard tights that she wore everyday until the spots had permanently rubbed off on the knees, Dominoe Farris-Gilbert has never let go of that child-like creativity. Pulling from the unique and jovial aura she had always had as a child, Dominoe has created her own line of exuberant, handmade headpieces by the name of Deadbird. Don’t let the dark name of her line fool you though, her headpieces hold more good energy than most living souls walking this planet. Made from a variety of animal elements — from fox heads, antlers, gorgeous feathers, and more — trust that your inner spirit animal will be revealed in one of Deadbird’s headpieces.

With a love for crafting, sewing, vintage shopping, and analyzing how to construct beautiful things from a myriad of striking objects and materials, Dominoe instills all things colorful, transformative and whimsical in the Deadbird pieces she creates. Growing up in a home surrounded by antiques and artwork, and with supportive parents who encouraged her to follow her artistic passion and expression, it’s no surprise Dominoe’s Deadbird collection is so full of life and out-of-the-box thinking. You can clearly see her childhood influence throughout her style aesthetic. It only makes sense to embrace her inner weirdo and have you wear fox heads and antlers atop your head while making you look absolutely fabulous, sparkling with lush mystique. Nothing weirdo about that!

Deadbird has been featured in Foam, Malibu Natives, Vice, and have also been worn by actress (and music lover), Mischa Barton. Dominoe is currently working on an online clothing store called White Light Collective with her friend Angel Olivencia. This new Los Angeles fashion hub will feature vintage, reworked vintage, and custom collection by Angel.

“What influences me to do everything that I do is this feeling of pure enjoyment I get from helping others embrace their creative, weird side. I ove being hands-on, physically making something — it’s my own form of meditation.”

Stay tuned for part two of our interview with Dominoe, where we talke all things music. Fromt the fashions of Chelsea Wolfe, Die Antwoord, Grimes and more — find out who scares Dominoe and who are some of her favorite L.A. bands.

Words / Interview: Sandra Burciaga

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