5 Must See Bands at Jubilee Music & Arts Festival

The Jubilee Music & Arts Festival is kicking off this weekend in downtown L.A and the weather isn’t the only thing looking good! With four stages of live performances across two full days (Friday and Sunday), you’re going to have to make some brave decisions of which bands to catch. Unless, you have superpowers or a teleportation device, unfortunately, as with every music festival — you won’t be able to see every performance.

Naturally, you wanna catch the headliners and popular acts such as Black Lips, Trash Talk, Bleached, etc. — but you also should make time for some budding talents that just basically fucking rip.

Check out below, Grimy Goods’ 5 Must See Acts at Jubilee Music & Arts Festival.


the dead ships live photos

The Dead Ships are definitely one of the best independent bands in Los Angeles and if you have yet to experience them live, you better plug them into that Jubilee schedule of yours. These guys deliver an epic arsenal of high energy tunes dipped in savory flavors of garage and blues, and sprinkled with a tinge of soul. Their live shows are an all-out assault on your body; you will be dancing the day away while they do the same on stage. There is just so much great energy radiating from the Dead Ships. Expect a kick in the ass, the kind that makes you want to rock-the-fuck-out.



Obliterations band photo

It’s about to get loud … Obliterations bring the thrash, and they bring it hard. Composed of members of Black Mountain, Saviours, Bluebird, Night Horse and Pink Mountaintops —these guys have a raw raucous sound that we don’t recommend for the faint of heart. It’s hardcore punk with some heavy classic guitar riffs. Expect a circle pit, expect some crowd-surfing, and expect a seriously exciting performance from Obliterations.



pangea band live photos

We’ve covered Pangea numerous times, and despite the teeny-boppers that infest their shows, it’s always a damn good time. These guys bring forth that bratty, garage-pop sound that can really rangle a crowd together to form a sea off gyrating bodies. Pangea‘s live show is intense, dirty and full of carnal energy. Even if you’re not into heavy garage, watching their live set is always pure entertainment — shit get’s wild.



Cherry Glazerr band photos

Three girls, one boy — not to be confused with “two girls, one cup.” The kids in Cherry Glazerr are so young, they probably don’t even know what that dirty reference was all about. But they sure do know what good music is all about. Cherry Glazerr sing about your typical teenage musings from pizza and boys, to lipstick and milkshakes, and it’s all done with a sweet 60s pop sound. With ruby red lips and baby doll dresses, Cherry Glazerr are a tasty treat live for fans of all ages. They raise sweet nostalgia for the older folks, while entertaining the young kids with lyrics they can all relate to.



These guys are all things sweet and dreamy. Tapioca and the Flea make some lush indie pop tunes that blend rich psychedelic elements with video game-like electronic sounds. They’ve also done some killer  remixes of Young the Giant, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, James Blake and more. Some of their tunes will have you floating off in succulent bubble on a dreamy trip to everywhere, while other numbers will have you dancing to their flirty rhythms.

Click here to take a look at the entire Jubilee line-up and schedule your show!

Also, we’re giving away VIP passes to the Jubilee this weekend! Check back with us later today for your winning VIP pass!

30 thoughts on “5 Must See Bands at Jubilee Music & Arts Festival

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  3. Sandy Post author

    Very awesome comment / poem @Mandy! You won a pair of VIP passes to the Jubilee Music & Arts Festival this Friday and Saturday, June 7-8 in DTLA. Check yo’ email!

  4. Aaron Ramos

    For my birthday weekend I am dying to see TRASH TALK AND BLEACHED!
    I am a fan of all genres and would love to go to another festival they make me feel so damn alive!

  5. Srini N

    (Handle: @Sirfucious) … Three Mike B and Viceroy ALWAYS keep the dance floor pumped, Tapioca & the Flea>classic sound..cool vocals..harmonic dissonance mid beat? Yes please. Black Lips because, you know…Black effin Lips. Kitten>they are on point with a badass lead vocalist. Tashaki Miyaki because I’ve heard some tracks and think they’d totally take over on stage. All of these because it’s going to be one sick weekend! Haven’t seen any of these fav bands live yet…make it happen GG!

  6. mandy

    Jubilee Must See:
    Pangea, while I chug my ice tea
    Bleached, those blond banshees
    Drums, forever devotee
    Maybe Tapioca and The Flea
    pick me! pick me! pick me!

  7. John Pope

    Did I miss my chance to mingle like a VIP and watch the homies Pangea, Bleached, Trash Talk and Black Lips? I wanna party!

  8. John Paz

    KITTEN & TORCHES! I love both of these guys and love it even more that they’re both PASADENA (South Pas to be correct) BANDS THAT ARE MAKING IT HUGE!!!

  9. Andre Cruz

    NO, these guys can appeal to any music listener. Tashaki Miyaki, only band remotely capable of doing the ” Everly Brothers” justice. HOTT MT, everything about this band oozes awesomeness. And Kitten, I missed them at Fingerprints and regret it painfully

  10. Ivan

    I want to see Pangea, bleached, BLACK LIPS, the drums, trash talk, RiFF RAFF, Salva, and fool’s gold cause they’re all hawt people and play sexy music. @winszton

  11. Firdaus

    Cayucas because I missed the experience at sxsw and I’d totally be Zach yudin’s “high school lover”. And NO because honestly, who doesn’t appreciate an amazing band from just a few mins away in echo park!

  12. amy ramos

    I’m most excited to see Black Lips! The last time I saw them was in 09 and I miss them 🙁 Oh and my twitter name is @amyramy33 Yay thanks!

  13. Shayna

    I want to see the drums, bleached, torches, the black lips and riff raff because they rule!

  14. Diego

    I’m the most excited to see Trash Talk! They’re gonna rip the entite fest a new one. Obliterations is also going to bring the Mosh hard. Bleached, Torches and Salva are also must see!s! (@gunslinger_LARS)

  15. Justin Cornwall

    Completely agree with you on Tapioca & The Flea. They’re GREAT. I’ve seen those guys several times and it’s nice to see them jumping on festivals Definitely stoked on all the bigger names.. Trash Talk, Black Lips, etc.. but what I’m stoked for, as a DJ, are some of the other DJ’s they booked! Viceroy is going to totally lighten up the day, more than it already will be, with his tropic synths. Moses Campbell are other local favorites I’m stoked on. Would be great to win these tickets to have a great festival before I leave on tour for the summer!

  16. Aaron Larson

    I wanna see Cayucas, cause I always think of my stupid friends choices de HIGH SCHOOL LOVER! Twitter handle is @iamthepoop Aaron. And yes, the handle is a JOKE.

  17. maria

    I really want to see jenny O and the black lips and pangea! live bands, music, food trucks, and the experience would all be worth it!! Im maria @boosterseats and i hope i win! pvfreak101@yahoo.com

  18. Jose Godinez

    I wanna see Black Lips because I’m feeling nostalgic. Plus: moshing and being soaked in other people’s sweat is always fun times. (@okayjose)

  19. Natasha

    I would be SO stoked to see Bleached because they put on a hell of a show – lots of dancing, moshing, crowd surfing, and it makes me feel sixteen again. I need the nostalgia factor! Even more excited for the enigma that is RiFF RAFF because I want to see if he is for real or not.

  20. Avalon

    Bleached & Kitten are the bands I would like to see most! They’re both local acts fronted by talented grrrls (twitter name avalonmj)

  21. Preston Thalindroma

    I’m most excited to see Black Lips because they’re unpredictably wild and they bring the best rock n roll energy that spreads to the crowds and gets everyone all wild n grimey! I’m talking about lighting guitars on fire, spitting beer into the sky, and kicking over drum sets…the way rock n roll is supposed to be! And I’m newly single so help me get outta bummertown w/ some free booze, pretty please? Plus, I love you Grimy Goods. You know that!

  22. Mathew

    I’d love to see chery glazer cuz (look at that photo) and Soko of course. twitter handle is @mathew_ward

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