Just Announced: FREE Crystal Method Show at Sonos Studio

FREE Crystal Method Show at Sonos Studio

Hey, Los Angeles! The Crystal Method have a FREE show coming up at Sonos Studio on Thursday, July 25 as part of the new “Light House” exhibition. You won’t want to miss out on Crystal Method’s show or any of the exhibition’s proceeding performances with Washed Out and Bleached!

Sonos and New York-based design studio SOFTlab will soon combine to create “Light House,” an exhibition made of a field of 600 fluorescent lights divided into four rooms that pulse and ripple in response to sound, reflecting how music transforms and defines space. The installation utilizes SONOS Wireless HiFi System’s PLAY:3, PLAY:5 and SUB, each eliciting different light patterns that result in a dazzling show. The Crystal Method is the first performance in a 3-part concert series to take place inside the “Light House” installation; Washed Out performs on July 29 and Bleached performs on August 22. Visitors can also control “Light House” themselves using the Sonos controller and their favorite song to create their own unique concert experience.

Want to get on the guestlist to see The Crystal Method at the “Light House” Opening at Sonos Studio on July 25? CLICK HERE TO RSVP!

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