Music & Sex: An Interview with April O’Neil

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This Wednesday, Aug. 7 at the Roxy — adult film star, April O’Neil is throwing down a special guest DJ set at our show with the Dead Ships, Death Hymn Number 9 and Dead Valley Girls! The uber cute & sexy starlet is also a music aficionado. We always see April at shows in Los Angeles and thought it would be great to pick her brain about music before her guest DJ set. Naturally, we also pick her brain about SEX.

Check out our interview below with April O’Neil and be sure take a look at the included tantalizing photos of  her (#NSFW).

Who are some of your favorite local bands?
The Golden Ghosts, The Weekend Pilots, Yellow Minute, Midnight Therapy, The Vim Dicta

What are your favorite venue(s) and why?
I like the Echoplex because they have pizza, and the Wiltern because you can get smashed and safely take the train home. I also have a soft spot for the Greek Theater because I once saw Sigur Ros there, at sunset, in the rain. It was so fucking beautiful.

Who was your first concert?
I guess Jimmy Buffet? I don’t remember my very first concert but I do know that my parents have taken me to see Jimmy Buffet EVERY SINGLE TIME he played Phoenix since I can remember. I think I stopped going at about 14 and started going to emo/screamo/scene shows.

Who are some of your favorite old school artists/bands?
Queen, The Cars, Django Reinhardt, Pop Will Eat Itself, The Beastie Boys

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What’s your favorite position and why?
Doggy, because of so many reasons … it usually hits me in a good spot, my tits feel great when they hang and bounce back and forth, and I particularly like it when I wrap my arms around my back and they’re then used as a sort of handle.

What do you look for in a man or woman?
Intelligence, confidence, a great sense of humor, and an acceptance of my Doctor Who obsession.

Which musicians do you find attractive (man and/or woman)?
Oh my. So many. But there’s a particular music video that comes to mind by Astronautalis that features Tegan Quin and they both sort of epitomize my taste in a man and a woman, respectively. Plus they both do this thing with one side of their lip that i just swoon over so hard every time I see it.

What turns you off? On?
This question is always so difficult because there’s such a range. Poor hygiene is broad enough but then there are the little things, like licking my nipples too softly. Turn ons are even more broad because I can just say “skills” and that pretty much covers everything.

What three songs are on your sexy playlist?
Die Antwoord’s “U Make A Ninja Wanna Fuck” and “Beat Boy,” and James Blake’s “Limit To Your Love.” They’re totally different styles from one another so it depends on the mood, I guess. I don’t usually put on music when I fuck but those songs get me pretty wet every time I hear them.

What new projects are you currently working on?
Well, I’m doing this guest DJ set at the Roxy on Wednesday. 😉 Haha! I’m really stoked about it! I’ve got this one project that a lot of my time is going into but I’m not allowed to talk about it yet. I just shot two beautiful lesbian scenes directed by Jincey Lumpkin for a film adaptation of a book by Jude Schell. San Diego Comic Con just happened and I’m going through withdrawals now so I’m planning on attending New York Comic Con for the first time. AND I’m sharing a booth with my friends who made the game Skittykitts at Comikaze! Follow me on Twitter @undeux to keep up with everything!

April will be at the Roxy on Wednesday, Aug. 7 for special guest DJ set of her favorite music selections. Doors are at 8:30pm! Click here for more information.

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Click here for even more revealing photos of April O’Neil!


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