Grimy Goods Presents Aug. 7 The Roxy the dead ships, death hymn number 9, death valley girls

Some things are just better off dead … On Wednesday, Aug. 7 — Grimy Goods is throwing a wild show at the Roxy in Hollywood and it’s only $5. Sometimes we gotta venture out of our East Hollywood bubble to deliver some rad tunes to the peeps in Hollywood, by way of an East Side take-over. Doors are at 8:30pm! 

The Dead Ships, Death Hymn Number 9 and Death Valley Girls will all tear up the Roxy with their badass rock ‘n’ roll. Although each band has the word “death” or “dead” in their names, there is absolutely nothing “dead” about these bands. They’re some of the best Los Angeles up-and-coming local acts that really know how to light a stage on fire. To top it all off, we have the very sexy and cute, adult film star, April O’Neil doing a guest DJ set. She’ll be playing some of her favorite tunes in between sets with some of her hot friends. You can look, but you can’t touch …

AND – this show is also a motorcycle riding event presented by ARMY&CO. Those that take part in the ride, we’ll only have to pay $3 cover. Just show us your sweet bike (not bicycle). There will also be free parking for motorcycles in front of the Roxy on a first-come-first-serve basis, so line ’em up! YOU CAN RSVP FOR MORE INFO TO “RIDE TO THE ROXY,” HERE!

The Roxy Theatre is an all ages, general admission, standing room only venue. If you are under 21 you must purchase a $3 food and beverage coupon at the door. We highly recommend you order “The Grimy Good” — a delicious grilled cheese sandwich filled with American cheese and oozing with grilled onions. It’s only $5! Eat up!


— The Dead Ships —

The dead ships grimy goods presents the roxy

The Dead Ships are definitely one of the best independent bands in Los Angeles. These guys deliver an epic arsenal of high energy tunes dipped in savory flavors of garage and blues, and sprinkled with a tinge of soul. Their live shows are an all-out assault on your body; you will be dancing the day away while they do the same on stage. Expect a kick in the ass, the kind that makes you want to rock-the-fuck-out.
Click here to listen to some Dead Ships tunes.

— Death Hymn Number 9 —

Grimy Goods Presents Death Hymn Number 9 the roxy

These gospel punk villains are fucking nuts. Blending their version of hardcore punk with some swampy soul flavor and gospel boogie, Death Hymn are filthy good. With their faces painted as though they had returned from the dead, the boys have some serious feral energy that can not be tamed. They will heckle you and they will get in your face with some fun crowd interaction!
Click here to listen to some Death Hymn Number 9 tunes.

— Death Valley Girls —

death valley girls at the roxy grimy goods presents

They’re new and just started playing shows, so this is going to be an extra treat for you guys to get in on these babes before they blow up. Death Valley Girls are some serious psych-garage rock gems. The band’s glorious, lo-fi sound incorporates healthy doses of distortion and fuzz, cool female vocals, and at times seems to channel the spirit of the Cramps or the Velvet Underground.
Click here to listen to some Death Valley Girls tunes.

April O’Neil

April O Neil adult film star grimy goods gues dj set

The lovely adult film star and concert-goer, April O’Neil, will be playing some of her favorite tunes in between sets and after the show. We love April, not only because she’s a babe and loads of fun, but she has great taste in music and we always see her around at shows and parties in East Hollywood.
Click here to view more photos of April!