Win Tickets to Beach Goth Party with the Growlers at the Observatory!

Growlers Beach Goth Party 2013

Coining their own music genre, “beach goth” — the Growlers are getting ready to host yet another debaucherous Halloween extravaganza this Oct. 18 and 19 at the Observatory in Santa Ana, and Grimy Goods is giving away tickets! The second annual Beach Goth Party is going to be absolute madness and full of costumed-up kids, sweat, psychedelics, and a radical mess of amazing bands. Last’ year’s Beach Goth Party included Pangea, Tijuana Panthers, Dante Vs Zombies, Feeding People, Audacity, and many more great acts. Once again, the Growlers will headline each night of the Beach Goth Party. We’re not yet allowed to announced the 2013 Beach Goth Party line-up, but take heed when we say you’re not going to want to be sick in bed this weekend.

Want to win a pair of tickets to the Beach Goth Party? Check out the video below of all the action that went down at last year’s Beach Goth Party and leave us a comment telling us what’s your favorite part of the video. The better your comment, the better chance you have at being selected as a winner. Be sure to include your valid email address when leaving a comment, so we can notify you of your win. When you’re done with your comment, Tweet the following message below and make sure you’re following Grimy Goods on Twitter.

Hey @GrimyGoods! I wanna win tix to @theGROWLERS’ 2nd Annual Beach Goth Party at @ObservatoryOC Oct. 18-19!

Or you can LIKE us on Facebook and leave a comment on our Facebook wall letting us know that you want tickets to the Beach Goth Party! We will select a winner for each night of Beach Goth Party and verify that the winner has followed all contest entry directions.

The Second Annual Beach Goth Party is presented by Burger Records and takes place at the Observatory on Oct 18 and 19. It’s ALL AGES! Doors open at 7PM and tickets are priced at $20 (or you can win some with us for FREE)! Don’t forget to dress up and wear some sort of a costume!


43 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Beach Goth Party with the Growlers at the Observatory!

  1. jessica kelley

    you know when the growlers are playing one of the greatest songs in history being awesome and sexy and giving us all that good stuff, oh yeah and the hot zomby girls making out. tehe c:

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  4. Victoria Wilson

    This video rocks first off because te music creates such a good vibe and the fact that everyone is dressed up for satans season and just overall looks like a hell of a night !!!!!!! Ugh want ….neeeeed tickets cause I wana have a CRAZY Awesome time!

  5. Paul

    Confetti oblivion


    Party guy who ate all your quaaludes


    Eyepatch man. Everyone will party with eyepatch man.

    Please, pick me.

  6. Ashley

    The video makes me want to go so badly. The vibe is so chill and great, and you can tell that everyone is just having an absolute blast! I’ve been looking forward to this event for so long and was super bummed that I didn’t get tickets considering this is my last year here and last chance to attend beach goth. I love the fact that everyone just does their own thing and dresses up and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Just there for good music, good vibes, and cool people. The connection between the audience and the band is really cool too, I like how it’s not just a lot of people watching a stage; more of a whole. I love the growlers and their quirkiness and it would be rad as hell for me to see them live! haha and Brooks is such a babe. I would just love to win tickets and I really hope I do! Also I’m really stoked to dress up! haha 🙂

  7. Kaya Hernandez

    The aspect of this video that I appreciate the most is definitely the whole vibe it radiates. Every human in that room is so unique yet they become one unit, flowing with strangely beautiful chaotic motion. This video depicts the ability of The Growler’s – and music in general – to unite significantly different people. Transmuting differences into odd similarities. October 19th I am turning 18, The Growlers are my absolute favorite band. They are beyond rad. Winning these tickets would mean the fucking world to me. I want to melt with the people too!

  8. Devlin

    Woahhhhh I appreciate this video, the vibe looks incredible!! People look so happy, I love to be happy at good shows. I just wanna get up and dance! The two chicks making out was great but I really dig the expressions on everyone’s faces!! I wanna be there this Friday it’s my birthday was so excited xoxo

  9. Steven Craddock

    the music is the best part of the video, at 4:20 my friend pans through the shot, shes whereing a skimpy white night dress…. but yeah im a huge fan, I am beach goth. pick me

  10. Kaylynn Sandoval

    im really confused as to how this works but im desperate for growlers beach goth night one tickets. i watched the video,my favorite part was obviously the music, and the amazing vibes. im a bass player and i know everyone of the growlers songs,their my all time favorite band. please please pick me

  11. Victoria Campos

    The most RADICAL part of this video was when THE GROWLERS began to sing “one million lovers” and the whole crowd just listens and gets pumped up!!!!! P.s. it would be awesome if I could win tickets :)))))) !!!!

  12. Kelly Villasor

    It’s my birthday today and the best present over would be free tickets to see The Growlers on the 19th!

  13. Rachael

    Watching those guys pass the joint right as Brooks’ enchanting voice fades into One Million Lovers has to be the best moment of this visually pleasing video.

  14. Carlos Cardenas

    Having the growlers preform before my eyes for the first time was the best at last years beach goth party! many great bands were in saturdays line up and as the night went on the tension grew bigger to see them preform. in the video when “one million lovers” starts brings back memorable moments of that night, i would love to live it once again.

  15. Joseph Mason

    I can dig the part where they find Ty Segall amongst the crowd and I love the psychedelic images that play behind their performance. Plus the close up of all the stellas in the crowd is pretty groovy as well. Either way, we are making route from Oklahoma to Beach Goth this year! Let the weirdness commence.

  16. Jess

    Definitely the ending where warren thomas made that sale is one of the best parts! Hahaha. & how people were just sparking it up in there. I hope I win, I’m trynna blaze these dudes out!

    P.s, where the fucks the lineup at yo?!?

  17. Francisco Vargas

    Los Growlers & Burger Records know how to party! Beach Goth Party II can’t wait! Best part of the video is seeing people blaze it hahaha! That’s two shiny pennies right there.

  18. Joey Kolk

    I was pooping while watching this video, and my favourite part was at the beginning, when a guy dressed as the sun was dancing. Why? Because watching the sun dance around while pooping feels glorious.

  19. Angie Gonzalez


    If I win, I will pass the dutchie on the left hand side.

  20. Diana Ortega

    The best part is The Growlers’ performance, Ty, the costumes, drinks, the girls making out and the “Fuck yeah, fuck yeah-eahnyeah ah”

  21. Alex Rendon

    My favorite part of the video is when the camera faced the crowd, the song setting a relaxing yet upbeat mood. You’re able to see how much the audience is enjoying themselves; they’re laughing, singing, dancing, cheering, fooling around, etc. When you see the crowd you see them having fun in their own way, whether it be lighting up a smoke or dancing along to the music. As some of the attendees smile at the camera you know that they’re having an amazing time and want more. The connection between the crowd, band and each other is clearly visible as the crowd cheers the band on, jumping up and down.

  22. Brandon Contreras

    Well I can honestly say that I can’t choose just one moment in this video that’s my favorite because the whole video was dope! I didn’t get to go last year because I couldn’t get a ride but I’m so ready for this year! I love how everyone that has ever felt like an outcast or is just weird can meet up and listen to some great bands. I could feel the good vibes coming from the screen and I would die if I could win some tickets to this event. Anyways if I was held against my will to only choose one part of the video: I would have to choose the music, and how the love was being spread, kissing and dancing that’s so rad!

  23. Esther Roosevelt Bent

    Best thing about this video is that in this night, everyone was an equal. Masked by make up or covered in costume there was no fear of being judged. I know from being a part of both nights of this fantastic event that everyone there felt accepted and loved. The music, the people, the place, it was a lost soul’s home.

  24. Stephanie De La Rosa

    My favorite part of the vid was seeing everyone dressed up and having a great time grooving to the music. Obviously, the Growlers is the best part of the vid. It’s such a bummer that I missed this awesome event, it looks like it was a blast and hoping that I win the tickets so I can go.

  25. Fernando

    I seriously get chills when i watch this video. the vibes all those people felt that night must have been amazing, the growlers’ music is just so surreal and i kind of hate myself for missing out on last year.

  26. Crystal

    Part 2:34 and the way it echoes towards the end of the video. Overall the band is amazing and perform the greatest <3 talented bomb musicians

  27. Jasmine Aragon

    I was actually at the 1st annual beach goth! I dressed up as a reindeer & my friend was poison ivy! I remember when the Abigails played, warren was so coked out his nose started bleeding hahaha but my favorite part of the video was when brooks sings that last part of one million lovers & then he puts on that hat & takes a sip of his beer while the rest of the guys kill that solo!!!

  28. Joseph

    the best part for me was the end because I thought he was selling bags of coke for some reason.. and I’d like it to stay that way

  29. christine esquivel

    The best part of this video is EVERYTHING! Brooks and Kyles voices are so sexy with their punch lines like “flaming hot cheetos” and “let’s go cholita” They are so funny and had me cracking up! XD they are by far one of my favorite groups and would love to see them along with other rad bands XD

  30. valerie esquivel

    My favorite part of this video is the GROWLERS who else! Haha brooks groovy curls and when the singer of the Abigals is selling shirts and is like “fuck yea, fucke yeaa!” Lol please pick me!!! I missed it last year bc it was my brothers gf’s baby shower and I dont want to miss it again this year!!

  31. Eduardo Moreno


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