Secret Talib Kweli Show in Los Angeles — Sept. 5

Talib Kweli secret show los angeles sonos

Talib Kweli at Club Nokia – Photo: Farah Sosa

New York’s Talib Kweli is in town this week for his set at Rock The Bells! While en route to this weekend’s hip hop festival, Talib Kweli is making a stop in Los Angeles for a very special (and private) performance this Thursday, Sept. 5 at Sonos Studio. Talib is currently working on his new record with Q-Tip. The forthcoming album is titled Gravitas and is slated for release in 2014. The event is presented by Pandora in conjunction with Sonos. Invited guests will enjoy an intimate performance by Talib Kweli as well as a Q & A! The event starts at 7pm and ends at 10pm.

Want to attend this private Talib Kweli show? Our friends at Sonos have hooked us up with a pair of guest list spots for Grimy Goods’ readers. YOU MUST BE 21-AND-OVER! Enter the contest below for your way into Talib Kweli’s private show at Sonos!


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2. Next, leave a comment below letting us know what’s your favorite Talib Kweli song and why! Be sure to leave your valid email address when leaving a comment so we can notify you of your win (if selected as a winner). Email addresses are kept private and are not seen by the public.

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19 thoughts on “Secret Talib Kweli Show in Los Angeles — Sept. 5

  1. Michael Sanchez

    Beautiful Struggle is by far my favorite track! As a songwriter it has inspired me to meet his level of observance and write about the current situations I am living in.

  2. Kevin Kleine

    Hot thang. Song just oozes sex, girls love it, guys love it, and the video is one of his best. Loved how the visuals flowed so well to his lyrics. But who the hell am I kidding, dude is a legend and it is impossible to pick one song. Give me pretty much any track from reflection eternal or black star, and ill be alright. And I pretty much lose my shit anytime the beat drops in the blast. Hope to see him later tonight!

  3. Abhishek Sachdeva

    Thank you so much Grimy Goods and Sonos for this amazing giveaway, and for giving the fans an opportunity to see Talib Kweli perform at this intimate venue. My favorite Talib Kweli song is “Get By”. It is such an uplifting song, and has helped me keep my spirits up when I was feeling down, and has a special place in my heart. It would be dream come true to listen to it live. Plus, it is my partners birthday, and he is a Talib fan himself. To be able to see this special and private show would make his birthday truly unforgettable. Thank you once again for this contest. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  4. Karl Sunglao

    Most treasured track……..Talib Kweli & Makeba Mooncycle – Lunchroom Classics from the Tags of the Time 2.0 compilation LP. I was digging in the small hip hop section at Burger Records in Fullerton, CA and got the japanese pressed album for $13!!! The compilation features The Grouch, Apani B., J-treds, Murs, and other amazing cats on amazing tracks. The record was signed by Murs on the tracklist when I purchased it and developed a dream mission to get the record signed by all the artists on the album. Talib Kweli would make it 2 out of 16!

    seriously though give this track a listen for the love of the hip hop cosmos

  5. Aaron

    One of my favorite hip hop albums of all time is Reflection Eternal. Reminds me of many incredible experiences I shared with the little brother of my best friend from college. We both found ourselves in India (he was teaching in Tamil Nadu and I was backpacking around the country) and had some pretty wild adventures together. Hard to pick just one song since the whole album is so solid, but I guess I’ll go with “Africa Dream,” love the trumpet and I kept repeating that refrain forever back then. “If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance…”

  6. Nic Somilleda

    My favorite Talib song is “Joy”. It’s cool how he talks about the birth of his kid, what they went through and how Mos Def helped him out. Not too many artists rap about that soft of stuff. Also the beat is sick!

  7. Celeste Bacchi

    Talib Kweli has my heart! I’m a huge fan of his collaborations – Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star remains in my top five favorite hip hop albums, and “Astronomy (8th Light)” is one of my favorite songs of all time. But from his solo albums, I would have to pick “Joy” as my favorite song… it’s pure, unabashed, and straight up awesome.

  8. Spencer Aragon

    my favorite song is “the blast” with hi-tek
    that is a song I listen to at least once daily
    its one of the best good feeling songs ive ever heard and I cant get enough

  9. Rachel

    Thieves in the night with Black Star- its my favorite because of the way their voices harmonize and the whimsical lyrics feel like they bring you to another time and place.

  10. Mondo

    “I try” is one of the most influential hip hop songs in my life. It has such a classic rhythm and lyrics that get everyone to sing along. It’s the perfect combination of a soulful singer, politically aware MC, and keyboard based rhythm. Doesn’t get much better in my opinion.

  11. Erin Rivera

    So many to choose from but “I Feel You” is a beauty! That “Bye” sample from Dilla is the cherry on top.

  12. Philip Kuon

    Reflection eternal – move somethin’ – the train of thought LP changed my life/ musical landscape !

  13. Marii Joekalda

    Holy moses, that would be amazing….to have a chance to see Talib Kweli live in such an intimate setting! That’s the music I grew up with, would bring back many memories, +, I could also introduce my man to some good hip-hop. Talib Kweli has so many amazing songs & collabs, if I gotta choose one right here, it’d be “Good Mourning” with Hi-tek… I guess I’m a sucker for those songs that speak to every single one of matter where. “Stay awake to the ways of the world” & “Celebrate life” – that says it all! I really hope I’ll have a chance to go!

  14. Nikki Simms

    if I have to pick only one song, it has to be “Never been in love”. That song just hit home and at the time I could relate to it very much.

  15. Krissy Do

    Man, my all time favorite song by Talib Kweli is “Never Been In Love.” So chill, so great, so catchy. I can sing and dance to this all day!

  16. Anthony Lozano

    Love most of what Talib Kweli does, but I love “Soon the New Day” ft. Norah Jones. Talib’s flow is so smooth on that track and with Norah Jones on the hook complimenting his flow with her smooth vocals. It’s just a a chilled out dosage of smooooth.

  17. Lia Marshall

    Fav song?! So hard, but Black Girl Pain off of Beautiful Struggle because he speaks to the pain and struggle of black women in the world. So much of contemporary music is derogatory towards women and this speaks to hope and love for women of the future

  18. Gerardo Sanchez

    My girlfriend has never really been into hip hop PRE us dating – so I tried to get her into what I enjoy by getting her to listen to Talib since I feel like a good majority of his records are perfectly balanced for both hip hop heads and non hip hop heads. So I put on the Get By record and she loved it. Since then shes TAKEN ME to Talib Shows when hes been in town. I credit Talib on changing her mind on Hip hop till this day!

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