David Bowie Collaborates with Arcade Fire on New Single, “Reflektor”

David Bowie Collaborates with Arcade Fire on New Single Reflektor

Why yes, that is David Bowie you hear on the new Arcade Fire single, “Reflektor.” Earlier today, we shared Arcade Fire’s official video for “Reflektor” — the first single from their forthcoming album out October 29 via Merge.

Many of you may have noticed a very familiar and magical voice, and if you’re top-notch at knowing your Bowie, you may have guessed that it was David Bowie singing on those backing vocals. Welp, Bowie just Facebooked and confirmed that it is indeed his voice featured on Arcade Fire’s  “Reflektor.”  This is not the first Bowie/Arcade Fire collabo; if you recall back in 2005, Bowie and Arcade Fire put out a Live EP (Live at Fashion Rocks) and they performed together on September 8 of that year at Fashion Rocks. Bowie has been a long-time Arcade Fire fan and we’re not surprised he decided to work with them again. Can you imagine another live show with the two?!

Yes indeed, David Bowie collaborates with Arcade Fire once again. Below you can read the statement from Bowie’s official Facebook page:

As 9 o’clock pm creeps around the globe on the 9th day of the 9th month, Reflektor, (the latest offering from Arcade Fire) becomes available from participating stores across the planet.

We can confirm that David Bowie has supplied a brief backing vocal on the James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) produced track (no saxophone though), which is being issued under the alias of The Reflektors in the reflekting sleeve pictured here.

The vinyl is a very limited 2-track 12″ with an instrumental of the A-side on the reverse and will only be available in stores at 9:00pm at your nearest participating store.

The reverse of the sleeve is designed to look like it has an album tracklisting for the upcoming album due on October 29th, but it is in fact just snippets of lyrics from Reflektor.

There will also be an Anton Corbijn directed video of the song premiered this evening. 


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