Recommended Album Review: SISU “Blood Tears”


What began as a drumming career for Sandy Vu from Dum Dum Girls actually turned out to be quite the opposite. Upon the breakup of her former band, Midnight Movies, Sandy began the Los Angeles based synth-pop band, SISU meaning “the strength of will” in Finnish. Although she was unable to launch her creation immediately because of her involvement with her permanent band Dum Dum Girls, since then its been four years SISU has been active. Up until now, they have released several EPs including Demon Tapes Vol. 1 & 2, and their most recent, Light Eyes. Their debut LP Blood Tears was released as a followup on September 17, out on Mono Prism Records. Great things sometimes take time, and this debut album is a perfect example.

If one had to compare SISU’s sound to Sandy’s previous work, SISU is definitely more darker, with synthesizers used throughout that definitely add on to the feeling of an ’80s English disco vibe. Things like anxiety, heartbreak, and self-doubt are used as concepts throughout the album. The emotional tones pair perfectly with the rich textures and echoing riffs on this record. Blood Tears is definitely one of the best albums to come out of L.A. this year.

Three Words to Describe Blood TearsSinister – Ethereal — Spellbinding

This Album Would Go Well With: Someone who wants to feel like a badass after they have just gone through a breakup. Or if you just feel like a badass. Also, if you have on your dancing shoes with you, then you should give this album a go.

Favorite Tracks: 

Counting Stars” – The opening track starts off with pounding drums and a seducing Vu, with her words almost ending in whispers. Guitars producing chiming sounds enhance the atmospheric feeling.

Cut Me Off” – Immediately this song starts off with a catchy beat prevailing synthesizers, very similar to the band Butter The Children (which we also did an album review on). The song talks about Vu trying to get out of a relationship that just won’t let her and is kind of a fast-paced version of The Cure’s “Pictures Of You”.

Harpoons” – This song really shows off SISU’s sinister sound in the beginning with Vu’s breathy vocals which then escalate to a swooning and controlled voice over the song’s title. It’s quite the spellbinding number.

Upcoming Shows:

(they just completed a slew of tour dates)
9/29 Muddy Waters – Santa Barbara

# = w/Dirty Beaches
% = w/Chasms

Words: Brissa Sanchez

Recommended Album Review- SISU Blood Tears

Artist: SISU
Album: Blood Tears
Label: Mono Prism
Release Date: September 17, 2013

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