Hot New Music: Mister Goodnite “You’re Too Cool”

mister goodnite photo

The Beatles once made a lovely song, full of fun lazy vibes and great melodies, but with lyrics that made your brain take a double-take. It was called “Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds.” Los Angeles duo, Mister Goodnite — made-up of Tyler Parkford and Alex Nicolaou — have also created quite the enchanting jam, but instead of “tangerine trees and marmalade skies” you have “molotov cocktails and masturbating Satanists.” Mister Goodnite’s “You’re Too Cool” is such a lovely chill jam, but its lyrics are quite the strange and unsettling choice of words. You’ll find the same odd pairing in their new video for “You’re Too Cool.” From a drowning businessman to a careless lifeguard practically pleasuring himself with sunblock, you’ll find the video to be just as beautifully strange as its lyrics.

“You’re Too Cool” comes from Mister Goodnite’s Songs About Love And Lack Thereof mixtape, out now in the US via Psychedelic Judaism. It will be released digitally at the end of the month.

P.s. We’re loving the T. Rex vibes!

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