Photos of Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare with Emilie Autumn

photos rob zombies great american nightmare

With this year’s Halloween falling on a Thursday, October 31 — Angelinos had had no choice but to celebrate last week and of course this week. Last week we saw hordes of costumes on the streets of Los Angeles, at house parties, at bars, and at various haunted houses in-and-around L. A. This week we see the same. While you are out scouring the Internet for the ultimate Halloween experience, let us remind you about Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare at the Pomona Fairplex.

Last Thursday we ventured into Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare and we were very excited to finally experience a haunted house that would scare the shit out of us. Thankfully, no undergarments were soiled, however, we did experience a Halloween horror event unlike any other.

Upon entering Rob Zombie Great American nightmare, we were greeted by a freak show of tattooed sword swallowers and sideshow characters that get off on inflicting pain on themselves with rats traps, staple guns and other such awful pleasures. Once taking a gander at the freak show, we then took a stroll down the Bloody Boulevard where a militia of frightening characters crept up on us from behind when we least expected it. At one point I had a ghoulish sinister child-like “Tommy” startle me with his annoying, yet nefarious voice as he breathed hot air from his breath into my neck. I’d recommend paying close attention when buying a bag of kettle corn or just cruising the Boulevard for vendors, but part of the fun is getting your spooks off!

photos rob zombies great american nightmare

After drinking a couple vodka cocktails served in a smoky glass of dry ice, the buzz from the witch’s brew is all that I needed to urge me to enter my first haunted house. Now I don’t want to become the ultimate spoiler alert for what you experience in this wicked wonderland, but take note, this haunted house is not for the faint of heart.

If you are claustrophobic you will feel challenged. If you are religious, well, you probably shouldn’t be here anyways. If you can’t handle blood, dismembered body parts, and torcherous scenes of gore, don’t even think about entering. However, if you’re a fan of horror films, the paranormal, and just getting your thrills off — then you should definitely take a dive into the haunted houses. And when I say “dive,” I mean that literally. Let’s just say it was my first time diving into a vagina head- first.

For those that are daring and like to be touched, an inverted bloody cross on your forehead is the only invitation the ghouls, sickos, and serial killers need. After that — game-on — prepared to get grabbed in the final house of horror.

photos rob zombies great american nightmare

Upon raising our blood pressure in the three haunted houses and mazes, we then ventured to the event area and took part in a vivid performance by Emilie Autumn and her sexy Gothic dancers. My-oh-my were the Goth kids out tonight. From your classic Goth, cyberpunks and steampunks — no area of this genre was left uncovered. Although Emilie Autumn’s performance was quite the enticing display of theatrics, watching her fans all dressed up in total awe of her was just as amazing.

You have three nights to take part in this awesome horror experience with live concerts (Oct. 31, Nov. 1 & Nov. 2). Click here for tickets and more information.

Check out our photos below of Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare at Pomona Fairplex, and Emilie Autumn’s performance.

Words: Sandra Burciaga

Photography: Bryan Olinger

photos emilie autumn

photos emilie autumn

photos emilie autumn


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