5 of the Best Bands Always Dressed In Costume

It’s Halloween and to celebrate this special day, we’ve selected five our favorite bands that are always dressed up in costume, and not just for Halloween. If you’ve ever attended a concert by any of the bands below, you already know that wild stage costumes are a permanent part of their band’s image and not just a Halloween accessory.

Who are you favorite bands always dressed up in costume? Let us know in a comment below!

Ghost BC – Photo: Monique Hernandez

GHOST BC photos

ghost bc photos


NOBUNNY – Photo: Big Swig

nobunny photos


DEATH HYMN NUMBER 9 – Photo: Monique Hernandez

death hymn number 9 photos


CREEPY CREEPS – Photo: Big Swig

creepy creeps photos



misfits band photo

One thought on “5 of the Best Bands Always Dressed In Costume

  1. Taylor Frost

    Kudos for Death Hymn Number 9. Tulsa Skull Swingers would have also been great on this list!

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