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Who’s Diane Coffee? When I first got my ears on this debut album, I was vacationing in Mexico and pretty much relaxing on the beach or in a hot spring just about everyday. And like most vacations, there’s always a song or two that becomes the anthem of your vacation. Whenever you hear that certain song, it always sparks memories of the time you spent while globetrotting. For me, Diane Coffee’s debut record, My Friend Fish, is the nostalgic anthem to my recent adventures. Even though I had added about 20 new albums to my iPhone for review consideration, My Friend Fish reigned supreme and was played numerous times throughout my trip. From days spent BBQing and boozing, to hours spent sunbathing and sexy times between the sheets, this record fit a mood for every occasion.

At first listen, and because of the stage moniker Diane Coffee, I immediately thought Diane Coffee was a woman; a very masculine looking-woman with chiseled features judging by the album cover. To my surprise after reading the press release, Diane Coffee is a dude! Not just any dude, but the new solo project from Foxygen’s drummer, Shaun Fleming. After moving from the Los Angeles suburbs of Agoura Hills to Manhattan, Fleming battled a gnarly flu that basically kept him confined to his room for couple weeks. That flu must have given him some shamanistic experience because it opened up some layers into his psyche and the end result was Diane Coffee and My Friend Fish.

This album has fiece style and variety. Each track has its own unique anthemic branding, yet they are seamlessly tied together by a fuzzy vintage sound. From the free-loving rock ‘n’ roll vibes, to the sensual rhythm and blues, Diane Coffee has an intoxicating effect on your senses. What’s most intriguing about this album is how mint the production sounds. Even more surprising, the album was created using a pseudo drum kit consisting of a snare, one broken cymbal, and a metal pot, recording parts with an iPhone’s voice memo app, playing a detuned guitar rather than a real bass, etc. Now that’s some bare bones D.I.Y. skills.

“Hymn” – This opening track starts off slow and sexy with a vintage organ and wooing lyrics, but after about two minutes the song breaks into a fiery 70s rock revival blasting with chunky tambourine and all the hand-clapping vibes of yesteryear. It’s an awesome transition.

“WWWoman” – With sultry and rich vocals, this is where Shaun Fleming truly turns into Diane Coffee. The boy sounds like a soul sister singing her man-tired blues in a steamy speakeasy where sweaty bodies dance intimately to the alluring sounds of this slow jam.

“Eat Your Love (With Sriracha)” – Heavy breathing, a little bit of wheezing and a ferocious roar. This song is as spicy as its title. There’s madness in love, and madness in this song. It’s the kind of jam to let loose and go crazy; feel it.


Shaun was once a Hollywood child star. Well, not exactly, but he was former Disney voice actor.

Don’t miss Diane Coffee tonight, Nov. 7 at the Echo, opening up for Those Darlins!

Nov 8 – Santa Ana, CA The Constellation Room *
Nov 13 – San Francisco, CA The Chapel *
Nov 15 – Seattle, WA Barboza *
Nov 16 – Portland, OR Bunk Bar *
Nov 19 – Denver, CO Hi-Dive *
Nov 21 – Kansas City, MO The Record Bar *
Nov 22 – Carbondale, IL Hangar 9 *
Nov 23 – Louisville, KY The Zanzabar *
* = w/ Those Darlins

Album Review by Sandra Burciaga

Diane Coffee my friend fish album cover

Artist: Diane Coffee
Album: My Friend Fish
Label: Western Vinyl  
Release Date: Oct. 29, 2013

Listen to Diane Coffee’s new non-album track, “Gov. T”.

Diane Coffee “Green” from Western Vinyl on Vimeo.

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