mirror travel band photo

If you have yet to listen to Mirror Travel’s debut album, Mexico, we highly suggest you stream their entire new album below (after watching their new video). It’s a sludgy rock ‘n’ roll record with some heavy 90s grunge vibes and echoing femme vocals. From Austin, Mirror Travel are definitely a hot new band you should get your ears tuned into, but before you take a dive into their debut, watch their first music video for “Stoner.” It’s a lazy anthem full of thick haze, and the the kind of tune you’d see some junky shoot-up to in a Tarantino flick. The imagery in the video are just as stoney as its song title. Let loose and enjoy the journey that is “Stoner.”

Mirror Travel-Stoner from Liz Perlman on Vimeo.

Stream Mirror Travel’s debut album, Mexico below. The new album was released October 15th, 2013 via Modern Outsider Records!