Bob Dylan Goes Interactive Pop in his Official Video for “Like A Rolling Stone”

Bob Dylan Interactive video

Just about every rock ‘n’ roll band has mad respect for Bob Dylan’s 1965 classic “Like a Rolling Stone.” Dylan has always been a leader in the folk and rock genres, an innovator in which many have copied, but I would never think he would release anything such as his new interactive video for “Like a Rolling Stone.” The interactive video is a like a television game where viewers can flip through channels and watch the cast of “Pawn Stars”, Drew Carey hosting “The Price Is Right”, a childrens’ cartoon, a reality show with caddy girls, and so many more typical American television programs. Shit, there’s even a Danny Brown music video up in the mix!

To fully experience Bob Dylan’s official interactive video for “Like a Rolling Stone” you need to flip through the channels yourself and view all of America’s reality T.V. and celebrity pop culture in all its horrible glory. I would never ever think the legendary Bob Dylan would ever associate with pop culture, and who would have thought that half a century later, a groundbreaking interactive project would be created for such a meaningful song. In Dylan’s disgust for modern music, the once reclusive music snob was quoted by Time magazine at the age of 60 saying; “The radio makes hideous sounds.” Indeed it does Bob, and my how “the times they are a changin'” — this new interactive video is proof.

Click here to watch and experience Bob Dylan’s interactive video for “Like A Rolling Stone.”

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