De Lux at the Echo, download their debut EP for free!

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UPDATE: We featured De Lux on our “top emerging L.A. bands to watch in 2014” list. Click here to read the feature!

In a time where everyone is attributing some sort of “post” genre to their “about me” sections, here’s another new band classified as post-disco to add to your playlist (and they’re actually pretty good). From Los Angeles, electronic duo De Lux exude all things 80s new wave disco. At just the ripe age of 22, the budding multi-instrumentalists Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco decided to spend less time perfecting kickflips, and more time crafting unique sounds and enticing vocals. The end result is what’s available for you to stream and download below. If you dig the buoyant beats of the Faint, !!! (chk chk chk), and Poolside — you’ll definitely love De Lux.

De Lux have shared their debut EP for Scion AV. This groovealicious EP boasts six tight tracks with each averaging about six minutes of funky-fresh aural pleasure. If this EP weren’t free, I’d say you’re truly getting you money’s worth. De Lux is set to release their debut full-length via Innovative Leisure in in early 2014. In the mean time, you can catch their live set at the Echo on Thursday, Jan. 9.


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