Watch De Lux’s New Music Video for “Better At Making Time.”

De Lux band

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head to the point where it drives you mad? To the point where you wake up with this song, you eat your meals with this song, and you go to sleep with this song still stuck in your head. Whether it’s a dope jam or an embarrassing radio brainwash you would hate to admit having listened to in the first place, it can be the most annoying thing ever. Los Angeles duo, De Lux have shared a hilariously mad video for their new track, “Better At Making Time.” Warning: this flirty disco-punk number just might get stuck in your head, proceed with caution.

Click here to download De Lux’s groovealicious six-track EP (free download).

De Lux have a show coming up at the Echo on Thursday, Jan. 9. Click here for tickets!

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