Las Brujas

L.A. based lo-fi rockers Las Brujas just released their debut, self-titled EP featuring the track and music video “Sweaty Windows.”  Las Brujas’ sound is a pure trip of power-pop, psych and woozy shoegaze that can accompany any laidback, sunny, Southern California day. The band teamed up with up-and-coming music video director/producer Samantha Shada to bring the song and romanticism of the city of L.A. to life. Per Samantha, “we focused on the sexy and beautiful yet natural side of our city, highlighting both feminine and masculine iconography; a sunset followed by the rising of the moon, the waves of Malibu juxtaposed with the skyscrapers of downtown…”  It’s a mellow, flirtatious song/video that may have you reminiscing of that steamy, ‘sweaty windows’ Titanic scene with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslett, but the band also reminds us of the simple and beautiful connections we have to each other and to this city we call home.  Don’t be afraid to leave the traffic and smog behind, grab your sweetie or crush, and enjoy all the good stuff L.A. has to offer.

Las Brujas will be playing an upcoming show at Trip in Santa Monica on January 10. You can stream their debut EP here, and download it for $3.