Win Tickets to The Growlers (SOLD OUT) at the Echo

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Psych-surf rockers The Growlers are headlining with their 2013 Holiday Run at the Echo on Friday, December 27; Saturday, December 28 and Sunday, December 29 and advance tickets for all three nights are already SOLD OUT.  If you missed out on their kick ass Goth Beach Party, you won’t want to miss out on this!  Supporting acts for the whole run of dates are The Abigails and Mystic Braves.

Show starts at 8:30 pm, and the event is 18 and over on December 27 and 28.  The show starts at 7:30 on December 29 and is all-ages.  Advance tickets for all three nights are already SOLD OUT but you can try and win a pair of tickets with us by entering the contest below!



1. First make sure you’re following Grimy Goods on Twitter here and/or “like” our Facebook page here.

2. Next, leave a comment on this post letting us know why we should hook you up with a tickets to one of the Growlers’ (SOLD OUT) shows at the Echo. PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH DATE YOU’D LIKE TO ATTEND – 12/27, 12/28 OR 12/29.  Be sure to include your email in the correct field while leaving your comment so we can contact you if you’ve been selected as a winner.

3. Last, send us a Tweet so we know you entered the contest or you can post on our Facebook wall. We’ll select a winner that has done all of the above mentioned. Winners will be announced via email, Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday, December 25. Winners will have until 10am Thursday, December 26 to reply back to our email and confirm their win.

TWEET: Hey @GrimyGoods I entered your contest for FREE tix to one of @theGROWLERS 3 SOLD-OUT shows at @TheEchoLA!

FACEBOOK: Just leave a comment on our wall letting us know you entered our contest for tickets to the Growlers at the Echo on 12/27, 12/28 or 12/29. PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH DATE YOU’D LIKE TO ATTEND.

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42 thoughts on “Win Tickets to The Growlers (SOLD OUT) at the Echo

  1. log lady (@ssarahislimee)

    my ride bailed on the day of beach goth II and the growlers are too fucking rad to miss again! i wish you could’ve seen the expression on my face when i found out the tickets were sold out. but anyways seeing them on the 29th would be so super sick i don’t think i would be able to handle it. much loves x (:

  2. Ivan Castaneda

    I would LOVE to win tickets to see The Growlers at the echo on December 27th, I have been following Los Growlers since 2007 and been living for them ever since!
    I was beyond upset when tix sold out and would be eternally grateful for a chance to see them once before the year ends!! It would be the best holiday vacation ever if yall pick me

  3. Jesus F.

    I would like to go to any of the 3 nights (27,28, or 29) honestly doesn’t matter to me I just want to see the growlers! They’ve been my favorite band since I was 14 (19 now) and I love their music just as much now as I did then if not more. I don’t really have anything funky to say like a surfing Buddhist cult jacked me, I would just really appreciate it….. like you don’t understand how much I would appreciate it. Also mystic braves are amazing (shout out to lolipop!) In Other words hook ja boi up G.

  4. Larry

    Hey guys! Please find it in your kind hearts to help a fellow Grimy muthafugga w/ Growlers tickets for Friday 12/27.. I tried buying them shortly after my friends told me about the show but they were completely sold out. We’re all big fans of their music and have been following them since they started out in Costa Mesa, on top of that our friends in Mystic Braves are opening up for them 🙁 Definitely feeling a little left out since all my friends are going and even planned a holiday party around the show Friday night… SO BUMMED. Help make this Chrimbus miracle possible my dudes, seriously hurting to go to.

    Passionately yours,
    Krust aka BlkOvt

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  6. Jess P.

    I am willing to sacrifice a virgin/give my 1st born child to the Beach Goth Gods if I can see The Growlers on December 28 (or 27 as a backup) and dance the night away in a whiskey haze. Also tickets are like 75 dollars on stubhub, and can’t we all agree we hate those d bags?

  7. Alex

    Please Choose me for the Growler’s December 29th show! I’d love to win these tickets as a late Xmas gift for my younger brother who hasn’t had the chance to see them yet because he is under 18. This would be a great opportunity to see one of his favorite bands since it’s an all ages show!

    – Alex Chipman

  8. Nik Granados

    Circa Survive and The Growlers are playing two days in a row, both my favorite bands so it would most likely be the best weekend of my life. I want the 12/29 tickets please!

  9. Alex Alarcon

    Dear Santa, err Grimy Goods,

    In the spirit of Christmas, you should hook me up with tickets to The Growlers show on December 27th. I am planning on taking a hot chick who LOVES The Growlers (as do I) and what better way to win her over than by wildin out at a sick show together AMIRIGHT? Also, I haven’t been to a LA show since before I left for college and this show is so awesomely placed in my break! So yeah, winning would rule.

    Love, Alex Alarcon

  10. Olivia

    I would love to win tickets to see The Growlers because recently I unselfishly (and impulsively) spent $200 dollars on One Direction tickets to surprise my little sister for Christmas.. which left me with no money for myself. Growlers tickets were already sold out when I later tried 🙁 I’ve been dying to see them live. I seriously live for those euphoric moments of hearing your favorite songs being played right in front of you while dancing and having fun. I would love to be able to go to either Friday the 27 show or Saturday the 28th show. (my email has 7 “a”s) 🙂

  11. Monica Hernandez

    For Christmas I asked my boyfriend to get me tickets to see the Growlers on Sunday, 12/29. I even specified to him to get them early because they WILL sell out. What does he do? He waits to the last minute and of course the show sold out, ugh. I may have forgiven him this time but forgiving him still doesn’t make my Christmas wish come true to see the Growlers on Sunday, 12/29. Grimy Goods, can you puh-leeease make up for my boyfriends fail and make this happen?

  12. Grace

    12/28 If still possible, would love to see Brooks again. Last time I saw these dudes play was at Amoeba in 2011. That’s two whole years w/o live Los Growlers tunes. Would love to see their new tunes played live off Hung at Heart and Gilded Pleasures albums. Hook it up grimmy, you know I’m good for it!

  13. Caylen

    I would love to win tickets to see the Growlers / Mystic Braves show on *December 29th* because it’s my boyfriends’ birthday AND because it’s such a monumental moment for the Mystic Braves. We’ve been on an amazing journey with them since we first heard them at Eclectic Roots Festival in Irvine last year (after they were squeezed off the initial set-list because of delays) and played on the campgrounds after midnight after finding generators to play their music with. I’ve had faith in them since day one and have been following them throughout their journey since then.It’s been an amazing experience to see how far they have progressed in the past year as a fan and it gives me ~*butterflies*~. I’m so excited and i’m so proud for the fact that they have accomplished SO much in such a small amount of time. Opening up for The Zombies, The Raveonettes and THE GROWLERS!!! I’m literally gonna cry if it don’t win because I feel like they’re one of the only bands that gives me hope for the future generations of music. Love you guys x

  14. Abraham Estrada

    I want to win tickets for the Growlers on 12/29. I want to get these tickets to surprise my bestfriend for Christmas, shes a huge Growlers fan. She has been trying to get tickets for a long time and they always sell out. So im hoping to win these for her!

  15. Erika Martinez

    I want to see the Growlers on 12/29 so bad because I missed them at beach goth I and beach goth II. 🙁 It’d be the best Christmas gift ever.

  16. Ryan Sendejas

    It is very important that I get these tickets! A radical surfer Buddhist cult from Chile has hijacked Santa Clause and has threaten to cancel Christmas for all the little boys and girls of all the world, unless they get tickets to see the Growlers on any of the following days 12/27, 12/28, or 12/29?!?!? Trust… these dudes are AGROO as fugg and hate kids…Especially orphans with weird shaped heads. I know, seriously…. What the “F”??? But for real I got your back and will help save X-Mas for all! Much Love. T-Ry

  17. Bertha Elizarraras

    pretty pretty baby pleeeeease choose me for the 28th show! I haven’t been to one of the shows and it’d be fantastic to go on my birthday!

  18. Abraham mora

    Straight up! A car accident, the holidays, and bills have me broke as fuh. Besides winning this contest I have no hope of getting my hands on some tix. All I want to do is forget all the bs for a few hours and vibe with the growlers. Please hook a paisano up!

  19. Emily Alvarez

    I would love to win tickets to see The Growlers (my favorite band) at The Echo on Saturday, December 28th because all three shows are sold out and I’ve never seen them. All my friends are going and I don’t want to be home that day crying. ):

    Thank you for your time. 🙂

  20. Sandra Traverso

    please hook me up with tickets on any day (preferred 28th)! The growlers, mystics and the Abigail’s are some of my favorite bands. I didn’t get to go to beach goth because I was away at university doing a sustainability project. SO THIS WOULD BE A GREAT THANK YOU FOR PLANTING ORGANIC FOOD FOR HOMELESS PEOPLE FOR 5 HOURS. thanks xoxo

  21. Paula

    First off, Brooks Nielsen is the love of my life so not giving me these tickets will break my heart! second, the growlers have been my favorite band for more than two years and i’ve been DYING to see them! This would be the best christmas preseant a gal can ask for please help!!! xoxo

  22. Will Franco

    I would love to win tickets to see the growlers on Friday the 27th or Saturday the 28th so I can take my friend as a late Xmas gift to her because I recently lost my job and can’t afford to buy tickets. I think If I won, I’d find a pretty sneaky way to invite her too. My email is Thanks for your time and hope I’m able to win!

  23. Yanely Lopez

    I would love to win tickets to see my favorite band The Growlers play at the tiniest venue ever (the echo) on 12/28. I can’t get enough of their live performances and I wanna see if this show will top off all of their other shows. So far Beach Goth is in first place!

  24. Enrique Poveda

    The graveyard’s full so I’m gonna need your help getting me into the growlers on 12/28 grimy goods! I’d rather drown in the old cold river if I don’t get to see them this time around 😛

  25. joanna

    I would love to win tickets to see The Growlers for the 27th, 28th or 29th any night is fine with me! I really want them to be the last band I see this year! ain’t no party like a goth beach party, cause’ a goth beach party don’t stop!

  26. jennifer arellano

    i would like to win tickets to see the growlers AND mystic braves on sunday 12/29 because i always have sunday’s off so i wouldn’t even need to lie to my manager to get the day off 🙂 ALSO because i’ve never seen mystic braves and i need to replace a growlers button that someone stole from me at coachella! pleeeaaase pick me!

    -jennifer arellano

  27. jennifer arellano

    I WOULD LOVE to win tickets to see the growlers on friday 12/27 or saturday 12/28 because they are one of my favorite bands and i’ve got to tell them how many times my growlers ‘swervin cuz im pervin’ bumper sticker has gotten me pulled over haha seriously! please pick me!

    – jennifer arellano

  28. valerie esquivel

    I would love to see the growlers on december 27th preferably the 28th but any day will do. I really hope I win these tickets because this year has been shit to me and I want it to at least have a good ending. The only way it will have a good ending is if I see the growlers. Pleeaaaseee!

  29. Cole Thomas (@coleysucks)

    Ever since I was a kid, I always thought to myself “Hey, one day I will go to see The Growlers at The Echo on either the 27th, 28th, or 29th of December, and then after I’m gonna eat so much cookie dough ice cream that my life will then end.”

    But seriously, I just wanna get my Beach Goth on. I’ll take tickets for any of the days to be honest. It’d be super rad!

  30. Crystal G

    I want to win tickets to see the Growlers on 12/28 please, their shows are always so much and I would love to be able to take my friend who has never seen them live. I should win because I’m not one of those people who just stand during their performance :p their music always keeps me groovin ❤️

  31. Ana Banana

    Grimy! Please choose me for the Growler’s 27th December gig! Been a fan for a while and have yet to see them! This is a great chance (if I am the chosen one) to see them next wk whilst on vacation from school!! CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! 😀


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