As part of the Slam City Fall Tour, Suicidal Tendencies tore up the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood with help from fellow shredders, Trash Talk, TerrorSprung Monkey and the Inspector Cluzo. The evening began with the French duo, the Inspector Cluzo opening with a cover of Curtis Mayfield’s “Move on Up”. What seemed like an odd choice of an opening band for a hardcore show, the Inspector Cluzo won over the early arrivals with their brand of bass-less funk. “This song goes out to all the motherfuckers in the world…especially the fucking bass players”, was the intro to their anti-bass player anthem, “Fuck the Bass Player”.

Following up were San Diego based Sprung Monkey. We didn’t really care for their So Cal rock in the 90s, and sorry, but we still don’t care about “what trouble we can get into, in sweet old San Diego” …. Moving onto our L.A. hardocre favorites, Trash Talk took the stage with a feral energy. It was at this point that the show started getting wild. Trash Talk vocalist, Lee Spielman has an obvious disdain for photo pits and barricades, as he encouraged the crowd to “fuck the barricades and I wanna see you stage dive”. Lee spent most of the show performing from the center of the pit and on top of the barricade while hordes of kids crowd surfed and stage dived through Trash Talk’s fast and furious set (no Paul Walker pun intended).

Continuing what seemed to be the on-going theme of the night, Terror’s Scott Vogel expressed his hatred for the barricade in front of the stage and encouraged the kids to get on stage. Terror attacked the Fonda, blazing through songs from their 2013 album, Live By The Code.

Suicidal Tendencies closed the evening with their headlining spot and showed how to pack and thrash Fonda. Running back and forth across the stage, Mike Muir, had the crowd going crazy. There wasn’t a still body in the house. Even after 30+ years, Suicidal can still groove while being completely hardcore at the same time.

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Photography & Review: ceethreedom 


suicidal tendencies photos

suicidal tendencies photos

suicidal tendencies photos


Trash Talk photos

trash talk photos


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terror photos


inspector cluzo

the inspector cluzo photos

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