Krill wants to share their “Turd” with you — stream it now

krill band photo

Boys are gross. Since the early days, young girls have always been annoyed by boys and their gross ways — they get stinky and sticky very easily, they secrete loud gasses out of their orifices, and sometimes they write and sing songs about turds. While in their latest single, the Boston trio Krill may be singing about “a turd spinning in flushing water” — but the song is actually a lot deeper than that. It’s about an existential journey of one’s failures and just straight up feeling like shit (hence the whole “turd” analogy). The song is quite the emotive indie rock number, and once you get past the shock of the opening verse — you’ll realize that “Turd” is actually a pretty sad song, with some very catchy melodies.

Krill is made up of Jonah Furman (bass/vocals), Aaron Ratoff (guitar), and Luke Pyenson (drums). Krill are readying the release of their new EP, Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Bursts Into Tears, the follow-up to their sophomore album, Lucky Leaves. It will be available digitally and as a 10” on black and white vinyl via Exploding in Sound Records on February 18th. Krill will soon be announcing a Spring tour with Ava Luna for February and March, including dates at this year’s SXSW.

You can stream Krill’s “Turd” below (gosh, that reads weird…).

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