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Try it before you buy it! Here’s our Friday round-up of recommended new albums you can stream before their release dates. While you gear up for the weekend, bookmark this page so you can listen to the following albums while you hang around your house, clean, or go for a ride.

1. The Pack A.D — Do Not Engage: This female Canadian duo rocked so hard at TAIX lounge during Culture Collide that they had to cancel their remaining L.A. performances. With heavy bass lines, rolling drums, and babely rock-supreme vocals — the Pack A.D. are two badass babes that play straight up rock ‘n’ roll and their new album is a true testament to their epic sound. Don’t miss them at the Satellite on Feb. 7. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Click here to stream the album.

2. The Lawrence ArmsMetropole: This is the first album in eight years from the Chicago bred punk trio. It’s a blistery, hook-heavy sound with a lyrical narrative that captures what vocalist/bassist Brendan Kellys calls “that alone-in-a-crowd, stranger-in-a-strange-land kind of shit—a feeling of such weird solitude that you don’t even know what’s up and what’s down”. Stream the album below!

3. Dum Dum Girls — Too TrueL.A.’s beloved garage rock/dream pop babes, Dum Dum Girls are back! The band is set to release their newest album, Too True on Sub Pop Records on Tuesday, January 28 and will be headlining The Echo for their record release show the same day. This marks the group’s first full length studio album since 2011′s Only In Dreams. We’re giving away tickets to their sold out show at the Echo. Click here to win a pair!  Click here to stream the album.

4. Morgan Delt — Morgan Delt: Get ready to alter your mind without the use of any drugs. The songs on Morgan Delt’s debut album drip of cosmic blood that rattle your five senses and call for the opening of a sixth sense. There are shards of Curt Boettcher, splinters of West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, feathers of The Byrds and pieces of Love. It’s an orgam for your mind. Click here to stream the album.

5. Jess Williamson — Native State: This girl has a stunning and very sulty voice to go with her wholesome indie folk. With rich guitar plucking and lush melodies, you’ll find it quite easy to fall in love with the comforting tunes of Williamson. Her music is absolutley lovely and showered in honest tales of life. Great songwriter, and apparently she’s a pretty kick-ass photographer too. Click here to stream the album.

6. Doug Tuttle — Doug Tuttle: Formerly the guitar hero and songwriter of the psych-rock outfit MMOSS, Doug Tuttle has taken his psychedelic warrior jams on his own nomadic experience to deliver his mind-bending solo debut. The fruits of his labors are a nebulous delight where a dreamy marriage of hazy psychedelia and motorik krautrock unite to spawn some fine crafted psychedelic pop gems. Click here to stream the album. 

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