The Best Hip Hop Instagrams to Follow in 2014

A boredom buster, a wannabe photographer’s wet dream, an enabling device for the selfie addict. Call it what you will, but Instagram is up there with Twitter and Facebook as one of the most entertaining social apps, giving us a first-hand look into the lives of friends and celebrities alike. It puts everyone on an even playing field – your sister’s adopted shitzsu puppy is equally significant as French Montana’s baby tiger. In a way, the app is a small-scale experiment in no-stakes voyeurism. And hey, it’s fun to see the stuff your favorite celebrities post. That being said, I’ve discovered the top five best hip hop Instagram accounts to follow based on a variety of factors, including humor, fashion and style, and overall absurdity. Enjoy!

1. RIHANNA (@badgalriri)


She’s either naked, smoking weed, or straight up partying with hip hop heavy weights and hot models. She’s also tight with her fam, and she offers shots of personal friends and family alongside pics of high-roller fun times. New York’s Power 105.1 DJ Charlemagne has even called Rihanna “The realest n*gga in the game since Tupac,” and she shows it. Down to earth but still a boss, Rihanna is a top Instagram celeb to creep on.

2. RUSSELL SIMMONS (@uncle_rush)


Russell Simmons loves the kids. And hanging out with Lenny Kravitz on a yacht. And watching movies with John Singleton. And just being around some of the coolest people alive. But that’s the life of a hip hop legend and talented entrepreneur. Follow Russ, and you’ll see multiple shots of his family (adorable), but you’ll also see the real deal lifestyle of a legit baller. He even makes use of the Instagram video to speak directly to his followers. It’s a pretty interesting look into a life YOU WILL NEVER LIVE.

3. SNOOP DOGG (@snoopdogg)


If you don’t mind your feed being bumrushed every three minutes with a post from Snoop, then click that follow button immediately. Snoop’s Instagram posts are hilarious. Some of them are even music related! Though most of the time, he combines funny memes, celebrity friends, and everything under the sun having to do with marijuana into a day-long posting marathon. Just last week, a few of his posts included a picture of his fruit salad, an Elizabeth Taylor motivational message, and a group shot with some of the members of a local fire department. I urge you to follow.

4. RAEKWON (@raekwon)


Raekwon the chef is one to follow if you’re a fan of OG hip hop. Among the pics memorializing recording sessions (more Wu please!) and the late great ODB, Raekwon makes sure to post shots of fan art and the fans themselves, which is a really awesome gesture. His Instagram feed is kind of one big “thank you” to all the Wu Tang supporters, and I dig that. Also, Raekwon, he’s just like us! He posts pics of his delicious looking dinners, like this salmon dish.

5. REVOLT TV (@revolttv)


The brainchild of Sean Combs, Revolt TV is the digital cable answer to the DOA programming at MTV. The new music channel, which as it claims, plays actual music videos, also boasts a jam-packed schedule featuring latest up-to-date news on big artists and those making noise on the scene. Revolt TV caters to both artists and fans, creating a global social media marketing approach to ensure fresh content and new music. Check the Instagram feed to see for yourself. There are exclusive photos, interviews, and concert clips from hip hop’s biggest names. Also documented: Pharrell’s famous hat before it was famous.

Words: Jane Dubz


Who do you think are the best hip hop instagrams to follow? Let us know in a comment below!

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